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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Prosecutor Hurts His Batting Average

Remember the big blow up by police back in April over some stupid kids who likely said some very stupid things on their myspace accounts? These posts lead some to believe an attack at their local school was coming. A couple of arrests and questioning might have been all well and good. But when the police and prosecutor turned it into a media circus making charges out of fairy dust in hopes of using some new Patriot Act powers, something smelled fishy.

Via AP we find:

Two teens suspected of plotting an armed attack on their high school pleaded guilty Wednesday to reduced charges. Three others pleaded not guilty.


The Riverton High School students had faced felony charges of incitement to riot and making a criminal threat, but the charges were reduced to misdemeanors on Monday.

Misdemeanor charges!!! And still the prosecutor could only get two families to sell out and take the deal? What a joke!

They were arrested April 20 - the seventh anniversary of the Columbine High School massacre in Colorado - after a message about an alleged shooting plot appeared on the social networking Web site. Authorities said the message included a discussion of the location of video cameras in the school and how to disable them.

Cherokee County Sheriff Steve Norman has said deputies investigating the threat in the tiny southeast Kansas town found guns, ammunition, knives and coded messages in the bedroom of one suspect.

Guns, ammunition, and knives? Two 17 year old boys, an 18 year old man, and a 15 and 16 year old boy, and they only find one whose's parents trust them with the ability to defend their own lives??? Bad parenting? Maybe. Police and prosecutor attempting to try the case in the media? Likely. (P.S. When police only say "guns" they are talking about shotguns and sometimes .22 caliber rifles.)

These kids lived in rural Kansas. The fact that some of them didn't have a .22 rifle to go plinking with and were not allowed to keep said rifle in their bedrooms for self-defense in a home invasion is certainly questionable parenting. Can you see tell me the differences between these two links? The multiple murder of a family in Indiana OR Armed 12-year-old stops attack on family I might have given it away by the titles. Anyway, finding any of these teenage boys with a firearm in their bedroom only would led me to believe they were guilty of good parenting.

District Judge Robert Fleming told the youths that when he read the original charges, he found them frightening and disturbing.

That's what they were suppose to do. Sheeple get uppity every once in a while and need to be rescued. This insures they stay defenseless sheeple, continuing to count on the state authorized wolves to protect them from the other wolves, (but since this has only become a mind game, being rescued from imaginary wolves achieves the same results).

For some reason a line from the Van Helsing movie comes to mind. After Van Helsing kills one of vampires attacking the city, the city folk form a mob to attack him. The town spokesperson saying: "Vampires only kill what they need to survive--one, or two people a month. Now they will kill for revenge."