Fish Or Man

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

More Need Killing

Not tyrants, (yet), but Cougars. Cougar Kills Colt in North Pine Creek Via NCBI:

Brown said they have issued a depredation permit for this cat. ...

He said they have also issued a depredation permit for a cougar that killed three goats on the North Starr Road near Brewster last week.

Shhhhhh.... Don't tell the tree huggers in Seattle about this. It's almost like there is still an official unofficial cougar hunting season in Washington State, (and, oh my word! it will be done with hounds too. what horror!).

I seem to recall an amazing cougar story over at du Toit's, but that post doesn't seem to have made it over to his new site during the transfer... too bad.

***Cancel that--I've found it: Not Solitary And check out those pictures. Thanks Kim, (and Tech Support)!