Fish Or Man

Monday, July 03, 2006

What Those "Papers" Did

National ID. We hear the elected morons bantering about it and the citizens debating it.

We never bothered to stop and ask those that lived through the truth of national ID what they thought. And now another one makes his final front page headline: Jaap Penraat Dies at 88; Saved Hundreds in Holocaust

His crime, forging papers. He was caught by the those who occupied his homeland and claimed authority over him. He was tortured by them and still Mr. Penraat would not tell of the underground connections he knew of which continued to help Jews escape from the Nazis.

Of course, we think of Nazis and we think of Hilter. But it wasn't Hilter that Mr. Penraat feared. It was the little people that made what Hilter was trying to do possible. Or who my uncle likes to call, "grade school hall monitors":
"...Mr. Penraat trembled whenever he handed papers to a clerk. "You're there, a woman walks away and either she comes back with papers or she comes back with soldiers..."

With National ID already here--it's the one tool government needs to save us from the terrorists--let the forgery begin.