Fish Or Man

Friday, June 09, 2006

"Paid Administrative Leave"


Okanogan County Sheriff’s Sgt. Richard Waters, was arrested Thursday on charges of Second Degree Burglary and Theft in the Second Degree.

Sheriff Frank Rogers says approximately two weeks ago his office received a complaint from Liberty Bell High School, located between Twisp and Winthrop Washington. The complaint involved a burglary and theft of several items from the school. Rogers said, during the course of the investigation it was apparent that the suspect involved was a Sheriff's Deputy Sergeant. He said at that we called in the Grant County Sheriff’s Office to conduct the criminal investigation.

Rogers said as a result of the investigation, on Thursday, the Grant County Sheriff's Office executed a search warrant on the home Richard Waters, where several of the stolen items were recovered. The 36-year-old Waters was taken into custody by Grant County Detectives and booked into the Okanogan County Jail.

Waters, a thirteen year veteran of the Sheriff’s office, has been placed on Administrative Leave pending the outcome of the investigation.

Why was it that you said police should be the only ones allowed access to firearms?

Another source quotes Sheriff Frank Rogers, saying; "If we had one bad one, we dealt with it. We didn't protect anyone. We're held to a higher standard because of who we are, and we should be."

Just so long as that standard isn't the Constitution, right there Franky? By the way, has the officers in your "higher standard" department who were involved in the no-knock raid at the wrong house been charged with felon burglary, kidnapping, and assault against the innocent family they terrorized? Or are your lawyers STILL fighting the innocent family's lawsuit against you? Didn't you say you would make it "all right" with them? What, by getting the door your goons illegally busted down replaced???

Why is stealing allowed in Okanogan County whenever your department gives it's seal of approval? Waters likely had plenty of on-the-job training... where else did you think "asset seizure" would lead him?