Fish Or Man

Monday, June 05, 2006

Exactly What The NRA Asked For

Enforcing existing gun laws, New York City style, (link):

"We see every possession of a gun as a potential homicide," said Sue-Ellen Bienenfeld, who supervises six prosecutors assigned to the Brooklyn gun court. "We don't want to wait for somebody to actually be killed."
Sounds like Minority Report, (minus the ability to actually tell the future), yet still including the elitist running the program.

While her statement is true, (being based on a gun bigot's feelings), knowing that her actions are currently being backed by YOUR NRA, should give all gun owners pause. Maybe in the occupied terroritory that you are currently living in, you are willing to support "enforcing existing gun laws." But in so doing, you have given your approval to gun bigots more then willing to destroy our peaceful brothers in arms who are in smaller cages then your own.

Divided, we have ALL fallen.