Fish Or Man

Monday, May 29, 2006

When A Good Man Is Without a Gun

Good thing a gun wasn't used in this criminal attack... err, wait, come to think of it, at least the gunshots might have alerted neighbors to a problem last Monday. Instead, the "surviving" 80 year old victim laid next to her beaten to death husband until Saturday, when family came to check on them).
Hoquiam, Washington. "An elderly Hoquiam man died and his wife is in critical condition following a violent attack during a home invasion Monday.

The man was identified as 75-year-old Vernon Bishop. His wife, Maxine Bishop, 80, is being treated at Harborview Medical Center."

Neighbors believe that Vernon Bishop wasn't the type to go down without a fight:

"He was no youngster but given the chance, I think he would've given them a little battle," said Marlin Ask.

Another good man dies out of reach of a gun. No, it is not paranoid to stick a handgun in the magazine rack next to the couch. Or better yet, carry one at all times, (notice, I mention nothing of jumping through the hoops to insure you do so legally, that is, IF your current occupying force even allows such activities).

So, do you think the Bishop family is still anti-gun? Yeah, probably so.

If defensive tackles on pro football teams need firearms to defend their lives from violent attackers, how much more so of our senior citizens?