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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Police Take Report...

...After employees take care of business. Via

Tuesday, May 09th, 2006 10:39:53 AM

SPOKANE VALLEY -- Employees of a Spokane Valley convenience store made things very inconvenient when a man tried to steal beer.

After the store had been robbed four times in the previous two weeks, the employees staked out the business early Monday. About two o'clock, a pickup truck rammed the front doors.

The driver got out and the employees sprang into action, striking him several times with a baseball bat and shooting out a tire with a shotgun.

As the man tried to drive away, the employee with the bat took out several windows, while the other employee took out the truck's back window with another shotgun blast.

A Spokane Valley officer later found the disabled truck parked behind a nearby motel and arrested 35-year-old Michael L. Gatts, a transient. He was booked for investigation of second-degree burglary.