Fish Or Man

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Quite timely, Publicola has posted Absolutism 301. The topic now reaches into another great gun debate: Felons with Firearms. Where you are asked if "you want axe murderers to be able to walk into a store & just buy a gun?"

It builds slowly, with background from when Congress suddenly decided "shall not infringe" meant exactly the opposite. Still, Publicola hits on all the points I've only tried to spell out when discussing the issue with friends and family. Only one quote this time:

It's simply hard to convince folks that any prior restraint is morally wrong when they've been conditioned to accept it for so long.

Yup! In fact, we the people are begging for MORE prior restraint laws.

Hint: If you are inclined to buy orchids, you have a particular need to read Absolutism 301.