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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Wow, Thanks.

It is so hard to watch that tape. I grew up in Detroit and nothing in that tape was new to me, it was just very difficult to see a fourteen year old being killed with such studied efficiency. I pray that Martin's family will follow through on this to the point that the sheriff himself is brought to the witness stand. He has much to explain. And answer for.

As a youngster in a gang I knew how dangerous the street was. I knew that I could come to a time and place where my affiliation with my own neighborhood gang could get me killed. I was part of gang fights and never recieved a serious injury. Luck. Martin's luck ran out when he came up against a gang powerful enough to run on a system of beliefs that is much more powerful than the law they are sworn to uphold.

These officers upheld only one law: the law of might makes right.

The fact that some of those officers on that tape are black tells me all I need to know about just how powerful this system of beliefs is in that Sheriff's Office. The officers on that tape, both black and white, make it plain that they are motivated by group standards and nothing more. Which is appalling.

I pray that Martin's family will find justice and through it that they will also find some peace. I cannot imagine Martin's Mom having much ability to sleep these days.

Very good coverage, Jason.

God Bless and keep you always.
Arthur (Khanundrum)

Thanks Arthur.

He's right. "Group Standards" That seems to fit what the American police forces have become. In my eyes, they have met the definition of an "armed gang" as well. Certainly there are officers that don't subscribe to the "might makes right" method of policing. But knowing they can get away with murder simply by claiming "he lowered his hands" or "I was scared for my life" is proving to be more power then the majority of officers can handle, (Yes, majority... How many do you count in the video? How many attempted to stop this murder? How many came forward with the truth and refused to be a part of the attempted coverup? Not one.)

For every camara recording a citizen who wields an increasingly limited amount of power, there should be a dozen camaras recording those usurping the Constitution. Why not? With their daily abuses against the Constitution, ones they swore to uphold, why should police continue to garner your trust?