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Friday, March 17, 2006

Permits, Power, and Roles

I wrote this awhile ago. I've been slowly cleaning it up, not enough yet, but there has been some recent discussions that made me dig it up and throw it into the mix. So, here goes


CCW Permits. Oh where, oh where do I start...

What's a Permit do for you?

How does a gun owner respond upon obtaining a license to carry concealed? Satification, enjoyment, pride... There must be something significant a permit holder gains... otherwise no one would willingly aquire one. Some would say the benefit is concealing a handgun, yet anyone with a windbreaker can do that. There must be more.

A permit holder benefits by being allowed to conceal that handgun WITHOUT the very real fear of force by a Government willing to destroy over that simple activity. "Government as destroyer"... there is something any sane person lives in fear of.

Government as Destroyer

We've been warned about fearing Government. We the people allowed that fear to grow weak and we turned our back on our Government for far too long.

Now we see destruction all around us. Destruction in court decisions. Destruction by politicians and police, and lawyers. We hear about destruction daily. We pray our house isn't next on the list to be destroyed "for the public benefit." Even while we attempt to act lawfully, we look over our shoulder. Was that early morning knock on your door from knuckles or a butt?

We Each Draw Our Line

While there are a few of us who have no need for a line, (true criminals), the majority of us, go along with the system. The criminal is the fringe of society. Yet there continues to grow even more laws which effect the law-abiding, not the criminals. So, do we search for escape as free "criminals"? Certainly, some have.

Still, the vast majority of us just attempt to live peacefully. We get pushed around a bit, but it isn't that bad. We hold onto what we hold dear; our last and final line in the sand, so we say. Most of us quite literally hate the system which has forced our grandfathers and fathers to leave us with a line drawn so very, very close to our newborn feet.

Still there are others that find small places of refuge within this system. Politicians, lawyers, government types. And this takes us back to that permit. A place a refuge. A chance to hold onto some diginity. Keeping hold of the ability to bear arms without the ever present threat from Government. We grasp at this refuge and hold onto it.

The logic goes that since the permit is available to anyone that wants it, there is nothing wrong with grabbing ahold of it. Maybe, just maybe, with that refuge we can hold out until things get better.

What does that refuge do TO you?

The holder of that permit gains power from it. Power over the common man. Power to bear arms without being destroyed by the state. Quite actually, the power of life and death over the common man.

Gun owners may also imagine other powers gained from it, but it truly takes only one power to make the difference. That one power; the ability to conceal a handgun without fear; no trivial power indeed. With open carry having a response from police which can likely leave you dead, that permit ends up affording the holder power over ALL other civilians to bear arms without fear.

Stolen Possessions

We hear of very little men using their powers to control, to destroy, to create dictatorships. We see our own Government expanding daily in its search for power. A Government which has already reached into our televisions, our wallets, our bedrooms, our minds, still continues to reach further. The little our Government was allowed to start with has been devoured a thousand times over.

What would it take for it to end? Can you imagine the destruction required before Government would let go of that power? It would be catastraphic. And so, quite smartly, we obey. We follow. We refuse to step out of line for fear some elite might notice and want our property for a condo, a golf course, a hotel.

In the middle of the worst of it we find fellow citizens who enjoy this system. Some defend it and some ask for more of it. Not happy enough to just survive through this present danger, they have developed their lives around it. Even while knowing the property had to have been stolen from someone else's hands, they live off it. Some collect their food from it. Some receive their shelter from it. Some garner wealth from it.

Still others receive something far more dangerous from it... power. Power which could only have been stolen from others for them to now recieve. Stolen from civilians and then doled to those who willingly cooperate with this new enlightened system. This power is an addictive drug sometimes issued to the willing in the form of a permit.

Yet power is such a predictable thing...

Our Roles

What does it take to have the Government we have? At one time, it might be said all it takes is the Constitution. But, what does it take for today's Government to exist? Everyone of us. We all have roles to play. There must be someone to take from, there must be someone to receive. There must be someone to compromise, there must be someone to stand firm. There must be rule makers, rule benders, and game players. Government could never exist without all of us finding our role.

Anyone who wants my role, can find me here.