Fish Or Man

Friday, March 17, 2006

Considering Comments

from jeb:

County medical examiner Dr. Charles Siebert - An ME who doesn't take his job too seriously! Doing autopsies so fast he mistakes dead women for men… (Goggle his name for related stories). Pocketing the entire office budget rather than hire assistants… No time to keep his medical credentials up to date? No worries.. He was appointed for life by Gov Bush. (That family is incapable of error, as we all know.)

This bumbling good ole boy (the ME, not the Gov… hard to tell these fellers apart) comes to the "rescue" of another fine specimen of American manhood, Sheriff Frank McKeith, claiming a 14 year old boy who was beaten to death on video at on of the Sheriff’s youth camps died of sickle cell.

Why not old age?

Makes one wonder if the ME & Sheriff are old buddies.

Maybe we can send them all out hunting with VP Cheney. Whoever comes back alive can claim the others died at birth.