Fish Or Man

Monday, February 06, 2006

Who Connects You?

Many criminals prefer to find victims in areas where citizens have been banned from carrying arms, thus allowing the criminal to commit their crimes without fear of an armed victim defending their life. Think school shootings, postal shootings, ect. Ever heard of "gun show shooting rampage"? Didn't think so.

While a vocal minority of Americans prefer victims to be disarmed, the majority of citizens realizes that gun bans don't work. Fighting back against criminals does.

So, why does this majority still allow this sign to be placed in a store front in "gun-friendly" Washington State?

Charter Communication's office located in Wenatchee:

While this might be common in the dense areas of Western Washington, Wenatchee is in EASTERN Washington.

Is Charter Communications a government controlled monopoly forced upon the citizens? Is this a connections you still wish to make?

Why does Charter do this when they know it is providing a safe haven for criminals to attack? I believe their motives are not accidental and will continue to refuse to do business with them. If you feel similiar, please do your part by cutting that connection. At the very least, get a good laugh by asking them to repeat their stupid reasoning as to why they are providing criminals a ready supply of disarmed victims? Phone: (314) 965-0555 email