Fish Or Man

Sunday, February 12, 2006

What Would We Do Without...

Nevermind. This answers it nicely: One wounded, one at large following attempted home invasion Saturday, February 11th, 2006 11:17:56 PM

SPOKANE -- One man was shot and wounded and a second is at large following an attempted home invasion in North Spokane Saturday night.

... According to investigators on the scene, two suspects, armed with a knife and a pellet gun, tried to force their way into one of the apartments.

The resident of the aparatment, armed with a small-caliber automatic pistol, shot one of the intruders, striking him twice in the chest and lower torso.

Now, where can you get those "automatic" pistols. They meant semi-automatic, surely an honest mistake???
The suspect who was shot fled the apartment and got as far as the sidewalk in front of the apartment building before he collapsed.

Crap! Collapsed, but not dead... Now we are left hoping the legal system will stop him and his goblin partner from attacking someone else. Better yet, their next victim will also be armed and finish off these goblins.

I forwarded the story to Clayton Cramer's and Pete Drum's Civilian Gun Self-Defense Blog, where you can find many other wonderfully uses, (besides hunting), for firearms. Call it "extreme sporting use" if you must.