Fish Or Man

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Truth In Labeling

This is the government "conservatives" asked for.

Check out that beer label. What information is required to be on that label? Alcohol content, calories, ect.

What TRUTHFUL information is illegal to place on that label? Vitamins and minerals. You see, as a good "conservative", BEER can't be GOOD for you.

Anyone attempting to inform the public of these truths are stared down by the BATFU when they come a (no)-knocking on your door.

The story, found here, was found here which was found here.

The rest of the story was then found here by yours truly. Who also found this (humor) along the way.

More on Beer health here. While addiction and excess is always a danger, those are the risks of living in a country founded on individual freedom and liberty. Deal with it "conservatives."

And if our government fights a disinformation war against us about the contents of BEER, what else are they lying about "for the children" of course?