Fish Or Man

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Repeating Others

The story about the high school dropout wanted in the gay bar rampage getting caught... is covered by Bruce at MassBackwards.

As for the postal shooting last week: murder is illegal; guns on the post office property is illegal; shooting within city limits is illegal; ect, ect, ect. Even so, I still see another law getting passed to make those post office gun ban signs bigger.

After these stories, I can also see another round of laws aimed at disarming those who actually obey the laws. If our government didn't create the problem in the first place, (by disarming the law abiding), we would never realize how much we need government.

Elections continue to prove we want it, so, for our own safety, BRING ON THE POLICE STATE! (Don't worry Republicans/Conservatives. If it makes you feel better, they will only hire LEGAL immigrants to watch over your ever move).