Fish Or Man

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Remaining Seated

Yesterday's post got me to think about what Todd Beamer might have done. Maybe, because he was a Christian, he knew there are worse things then death. I don't know.

Are there not enough sheepdogs left in America? Do we lack the capacity to learn from Flight 93? Do we lack the ability to master the use of a tool easier to use then a hammer or fire extinguisher? Yeah, a firearm. Point and pull the trigger. (Some handguns, (revolvers and double action), don't even require you "pull the pin" first).

I know, I know... but the robbery went so well, why would we want to risk lives? Well, I believe, there are worse things then death. A nation run by terrorist criminals and tyrants is one of them. "Better Red Then Dead" is a quote from a Frenchmen, not an American.

Are we living in a nation full of those only willing to enjoy the ride, remaining seated because some thugs or tyrants tells us it for our safety? Personally, I feel it quiet stupid, and ignorant of history, to trust either.