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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Playing For The Media

If you haven't noticed, the Constitution has been replaced by the will of the masses. Actually, any fringe group willing to scream loud enough for long enough that enough politicians consider them a big enough voting block.

Without the Constitution to keep ignorant nanny politicians in check, it has become a sad existence for freedom lovers. In an attempt to quiet these fringe groups, freedom lovers have been fighting this battle by compromise. This leads to many problems, not the least of which is if you are constantly playing defense in this war you will only end up constantly playing defense in this war.

Getting out of the trenches to take back our rights was mentioned a few post ago. I do support putting up a fight against the freedom haters, screaming loud and long if you have too. And when it is your time to go, do so kicking and screaming, (if you are so inclinded, take some evil out before you go as well).

This is where it gets sad. Because, if we aren't fighting for the Constitution to regain the status it once had, we will never be able to go home. Our entire life will be spent on the battlefield. Truthfully, that sucks.

This is one reason I don't support compromising on the Constitution. While I have done it and I understand the reasoning behind it, compromising will only get us into the next round of the fight. A fight that never should have happened had the Constitution never been compromised to begin with.

Two quick examples of the will of the masses being in control therefore needing to be controlled:

First, watch the news* for awhile, *spit spit. See how police line up weapons seized from some "compounds"? The definition of "compound" is any residence with an outbuilding, currently being replaced with the words, "suspected drug house." Weapons will be placed on a table, spread out, and media will be allowed to video tape all those scary looking guns, (whether it was legal for the owner's to have them or not).

Second, I point you to this story; Preliminary finding of self-defense in fatal shooting Spokane Sheriff's spokesperson opens his mouth, and out comes nothing. Well, no facts at least;
Reagan did not elaborate why detectives think there was self-defense in their investigation into the shooting of 29-year-old Dustin Lowe last week.
You see Dustin Lowe, a bad man, was shot and killed by a sheriff's deputy last week. It sounds like Dustin Lowe was unarmed, and there are questions as to whether it was a good shoot, hence the investigation. Don't get me wrong, I'm not making a judgement in the matter, but I do have some experience with Spokane Sheriff's Dept. Inside information that is. Anyway, back to the spokesman playing for the media:
Lowe had an extensive criminal history in Montana, and was being sought in connection with a car theft in that state.

Edelbrock encountered Lowe while patrolling state Highway 902 east of Medical Lake.


Reagan did not say whether any weapons were found with Lowe, or whether he had threatened or scuffled with the deputy before he was shot.

Ok, Edelbrock "encountered" Lowe? Does that mean tailgating him for 3 miles while running his license plate? Nevermind. The part I like the best is this paragraph:
Dispatchers told the deputy the 2005 Dodge Neon had been stolen and that Lowe, who had recently been released from the Montana State Prison, might be armed with a knife and had a history of attacking law enforcement officers.
This paragraph is very specific for doing only one thing; helping Deputy Edelbrock during his trial, if it ever gets that far. His quote will be, "I had just been told what a bad man this guy was, so any reasonable person would have been scared for their life." Thus a case of self-defense could be built for any shooting.

Once again, I am not passing judgement on this case. It's just this paragraph, which a similiar paragraph was also in the original story, leads me to believe the Sheriff's dept is worried about what the masses might think when an officer shoots an unarmed suspect. It has absolutely nothing to do with what actually happened the final moments before the shooting. If it ain't caught on tape, it's just another good shoot. If it is caught on tape, the tape is confiscated and discredited until the report comes out that it was just another good shoot, (NEVERMIND WHAT YOUR EYES AND EARS SEE AND HEAR). (If this one hadn't been caught on tape, no one ever would have heard this airman screaming about the officer's attempted murder on his life.)

Yeah, yeah, this Spokane guy was a "bad guy". I agree with you there, but I just have to wonder about the description that comes back when police run my name. After the Spokane arrest, I suspect, "likely to be armed" is the minimum deputy dickhead added to my report. I'm guessing he also added something about the claim those pricks made about me threatening his life. The more he adds the easier the officer will walk away with a self-defense case after killing me. And getting it on video while I am proned out on the ground doesn't seem to matter either.

That is the reason I am still questioning whether this was a good shoot. It might next be me, and taking the gun from my hip and placing it in my hand wouldn't even be needed. Just an officer saying I lower my hand towards my gun would be all that was required. (One reason I let officer dickhead open my door for me in Spokane. Although he tried to get me to open it myself, while having at least 2 little red dots on the back of my head. Reaching for my door handle would have been reason enough to be ruled a self-defense shoot. Remind anyone of what the sheriff in California has almost got away with?)

There will always be an argument over whether the shooting was justified, whether video taped, (above story), shown live on every news channels, (Waco, TX), or admitting in open court of shooting an unarmed female while holding her baby and still walking away a free murderer, (no, I'm not talking about this picture, Ruby Ridge.)

So the only lesson I can leave you with today is; police shoot suspects... some victims are lucky enough to live, some aren't.

And speaking of lucky; Wow, this guy is lucky to be alive, let alone win in court.