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Thursday, February 16, 2006

One In Eight Now Free Game

UPDATED at bottom.

In an update to the story of Martin Lee Anderson, (which I mentioned in this post).

Martin was the young boy in Florida that was beaten to death at a police run boot camp. It was caught on video tape but police have so far been refusing to release the video to the public.

The coroner's report has been finished on the young man's death and surprise, surprise... the police were not responsible for his death, (no matter what our eyes will eventually see on the video). Article:
"A teenager who was beaten by guards in a state-run boot camp for juvenile delinquents died from internal bleeding caused by a blood disorder, not from injuries he may have suffered in the beating,"

Bay County Medical Examiner Dr. Charles Siebert gave the county exactly the report his employers wanted. Outstanding work doctor! In fact his report will clear one in eight police murders of black individuals. More from the AP article:

"It was a natural death," he said.

Medical forms filed at the boot camp did not indicate that the youth or his family were aware of the disorder, which affects about one of every eight black people, Siebert said."

Did you catch that part? "...affects about one of every eight black people..."


Wow... Why am I not stunned by this report?

Hey, "Doctor", please explain why ONE OF EVERY EIGHT blacks aren't dropping dead while outside of police custody?

Do police already know they can use this BS "disorder" to get away with murder and that is why they have a practice taught during Police Restraint 101 called knee thrusts or strikes, (which they are trained to apply to the abdominal area)?

And it ain't just blacks that die while police are only following "procedures" either. Police custody can be worse then a lifetime of alcohol for your liver.

This is really disgusting. Martin's family needs to get a second opinion from this bought and paid for coroner's crap. When those results come back, the Bay County Coroner should be added to the list of defendants.
"The sickle cell disorder would not show up in routine blood tests, he said."
They ain't ROUTINE blood tests because they don't lead to ONE OUT OF EVERY EIGHT blacks dropping dead from internal bleeding. Where are all those "natural deaths" that should be happening "doctor"?

As I understand, child abusers that don't want to get caught put a thick telephone book on top of the child's skull before hitting it with a hammer. Only leaves the marks on the inside then. And the difference is???

This is making me sick.

Sickle Cell Trait (from "Current" Medical Diagnosis and Treatment)

Patients with the heterozygous genotype (AS) have sickle cell trait. These persons are clinically normal and have acute painful episodes only under extreme conditions such as vigorous exertion at high altitudes (or in unpressurized aircraft). The patients are hematologically normal, with no anemia and normal red blood cells on peripheral blood smear. They may, however, have a defect in renal tubular function, causing an inability to concentrate the urine. A screening test for sickle hemoglobin (sodium metabisulfite or solubility test) will be positivie, and hemoglobin electrophoresis will reveal that approximately 40% of hemoglobin is hemoglobin S (Table 10-9)
No treatment is necessary. These patients should be considered normal in all respects.

From the book "iGenetics" 2002, Peter J. Russell

"...Sickled cells also are not as flexible as normal cells and therefore tend to clog the capillaries rather then squeeze through them. As a result, blood circulation is impaired and tissues become deprived of oxygen. Although oxygen deprivation occurs particularly at the extremities, the heart, lungs, brain, kidneys, gastrointestinal tract, muscles, and joints can also become oxygen deprived and be damaged. A person with SCA (Sickle Cell Anemia) therefore may suffer from a pleiotropy of health problems, including heart failure, pneumonia, paralysis, kidney failure, abdominal pain, and rheumatism. Some people have a milder form of the disease called sickle-cell trait."


"...Heterozygous Beta A Beta S people make both Hb-A and Hb-S and have sickle-cell trait. ... .Under normal conditions they usually show few symptons of the disease. However, after a sharp drop in oxygen tension (as in an unpressurized aircraft climbing into the atmosphere), sickling of red blood cells may occur, giving rise to symptons similar to those found in people with severe anemia."

No where do we find anything close to the "doctors" quote, "...a whole cascade of events that led to bleeding and hemorrhaging..." Even in Sickle Cell Anemia we find too much clogging being a primary concern.

In Sickle Cell Trait, what the "doctor" has claimed caused Martin's death, only under extreme conditions do we even see the actual formation of sickled red blood cells. And even if Martin had the worse case of "sickling" of his red blood cells, at no time would it be the cause of internal hemorrhaging.

Internal hemorrhaging could occur with blunt force trauma to the abdomen, which I believe is what will be seen when police finally release the video.

The reaction Martin's body had toward that internal bleeding/hemorrhaging would likely have been the same as anyone else's, (if there had been enough sickled cells to become a factor, it would have tended to benefit Martin because of the inabilities of sickled cells to squeeze through opening as normal blood cells do). Further, there is no clinical findings, (or at least no references made), that Sickle Cell Trait affects red blood cells clotting factor, (note: different then clogging).

Video tape released:
The hour and 20 minute video shows guards restraining 14-year-old Martin Lee Anderson. The tape reveals that seven guards did in fact knee and wrestle Anderson to the ground, according to the Associated Press. After he hits the ground, guards continue striking Anderson who appears to lay motionless, AP reports.

A link to the coroner's report here. The coroner finds absolutely NO damage to the body from what you can plainly see in the video, (how is this possible???) But, he does find (page 4) a "focal subendocardial hemmorhage" in the heart. Hemmorhaging in the heart is very likely what caused this sudden death, hemmorhaging which, Sickle Cell Trait does NOT cause. Further, he finds "numerous" sickle shaped cells, (red blood cells???), in other organs of the body, immediate concern would be on those found in the lungs. Although, it remains unclear as to what "numerous" means or what cells are involved.

These finding are not in line with what Sickle Cell Trait is known to cause, nor what the video shows. The only thing that we can know for certain, is that after "Doctor" Siebert's report, murder charges are highly unlikely against the officers you can plainly watch beating this 14 year old to death.

UPDATE: News has change that Sickle Cell Trait is common in 1 in 12 blacks now. Not much difference. Article here. Some quotes:

On the grainy, 80-minute tape, which has no sound, as many as nine guards can be seen wrestling Anderson to the ground and restraining him. The boy appeared limp for most of the ordeal and never appeared to offer significant resistance. While he lay motionless on the ground, a guard struck him several times, either on his arm or torso.

At one point, a guard struck him from behind, lifting his feet off the ground. At the beginning, as the guards are pinning him against a pole, they struck him three times with their knees.

There has been research - some involving recruits at military boot camps - linking the trait to sudden death after extreme exertion. Experts on sickle cell trait, however, questioned Friday whether the disease could be definitively and entirely to blame for Anderson's death.

"There is a slight, increased risk at the extremes of human endurance, but it really takes a profound amount of exercise and dehydration," said Dr. James Eckman, director of the Comprehensive Sickle Cell Center at Grady Health System in Atlanta and a professor at Emory University.

Research shows sudden death with heavy exertion typically happens either in extreme heat and humidity or at high altitude. Weather records show the high temperature was 68 the day Anderson passed out.