Fish Or Man

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Idaho Murder Charges

Joe has been getting phone calls from a guy going on trial on Monday for murder.

Tough gathering details on the case, but it sounds like the guy had a choice to run away from an unarmed attacker, fight with the attacker, or use his gun. I would think knowledge that this guy had a gun would have caused the attacker to turn and run but it didn't. Now a jury must decide his fate.

Sadly, I know the legal system exists only to give citizen's the illusion of justice. Sometimes it fails at even that. Still, most of us sleep better at night, believing that it and a two-inch deadbolt will stop some goblin from breaking down our door at 2 in the morning.

A small number of us don't rely on this insecurity and keep a weapon at hand. Whether you choose a baseball bat, a shotgun, or a sub-machine gun for protection, you do so for the same reason; You were born with a desire to stay alive. It's a good desire to have. Don't let it die away because of a false sense of security, (no matter who tells you to surrender to criminals or claims they will be there to protect you.)