Fish Or Man

Friday, February 10, 2006

The Government's Children

Leaving the power of education in the hands of government is one of the stupidist things a society that wishes to remain free could ever do.

Besides education, we now have government attempting to teach children what are acceptable ways to behave in society. I've seen it in two recent news stories.

First, from the local Washington State University campus paper, we have WSU police chief Steve Hanson:
The department’s job focuses on keeping the campus safe, Hansen said, but it also helps students recognize what behavior is unacceptable.
What? The laws we already have just aren't enough to keep you busy? So, you say you want to keep the campus safe. Lets try point-of-fact here. You HELP rapist by supporting tyranically laws to DISARM all females on campus, yes? Does this keep the raped woman safe? Or are you in fact only keeping the rapist safe?

If you really wanted to keep students safe, scrap your entire budget and put that money towards better crosswalks. Yes, another student was struck earlier this week in one of the schools' six poorly lit crosswalks across Stadium Way, (the ones not at intersection stop lights). Just before that lady was struck and thrown onto the windsheild of the car, I watched the car in front of me almost hit another one in the same crosswalk a lady almost died in last year. The school newspaper does a very good job of keeping the number of crosswalk injuries under-reported, (the nearest story on that search for "crosswalk" is dated 12/05/05, that leaves two crosswalk injuries that I know of unreported. This fits right in with the under-reported rapes police aren't investigating).

Heck, if we only removed the crosswalks, at least students would stop believing they have the right-of-way on a 2 ton vehicle; Whose driver can't even see them after dark!

But, really Chief Hanson, the costs to add automatic overhead blinking lights or in ground warning lights at the worst one of these crosswalks would likely require only your salary alone. So, how much do you really CARE?

You already have automatic sensors for the traffic lights to turn green so your police cars can hurry on to the next false alarm at the NRC, (Nuclear Radiation Center). Yes, goons like you are suppose to be responsible in stopping determined terrorist from getting what they need to make a dirty bomb. Heck, I alone could take out your 4 responding campus cops and destroy the building in minutes. If the wind was right, the entire student body would have thyroid cancer in 8 years.

A side bonus of taking you and your tyrants off the street; Now, defenseless young woman can carry firearms for true security and do so without fear of one of your goons destroying their life because she chooses to exercise her right to keep and bear arms.

And I won't even mention the serial arsonist running around campus for the last three months. The paper doesn't seem to either... how odd? P.S. If you continue to play around with him... he will get bolder... someone will die in the fire... you will scream for more funding... the sheep will give it to you... (But you already knew that part didn't you?)

So, truthfully, it doesn't benefit you to reduce crime. The key is to only allow the right information to be released. As long as parents keep sending you their children, higher crime will only increase your budget. You are doing so well too! Soon you won't have to worry about the information part, because your budget will be big enough for a full-time police spokesman.

Enough of this crap.

Next, we find this story out of Florida:
Florida Video Said to Show Boot Camp Beating

A videotape shows guards brutally beating a boy at a military-style boot camp for juvenile delinquents not long before the teenager died, two lawmakers said Thursday.

Martin Lee Anderson, 14, died Jan. 6 at a Pensacola hospital, a day after he entered the camp because of an arrest for theft.

Anderson complained of breathing difficulties and collapsed during exercises that were part of the entry process at the camp, which was run by the Bay County Sheriff's Office.

Good job police! You really shortened Martin Anderson's life of crime. Two days! That is swift justice! Arrest them one day, and kill them the next. No more death penalty phase or automatic appeals to deal with.

This video has only been shown to a select few politicians! If this were a private run boot camp, police would have made this video available to every news station in the country. When it's one of there own, this is the response we get:
"...Bay County authorities and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement have refused to make the tape public..."

Yeah, you can trust them. They are all about the education, safety, and well-being of THEIR children. Well, and those rapists need protection too.