Fish Or Man

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Eminent Domain, Georgia Style

A jury finally gets it right. They weren't allowed to decide if the hospital could take the house where a 93 year grandmother wanted to live out her life, but they were allowed to decide what price the hospital would need to pay to do so. Story:

A jury decided that a Georgia hospital is going to have to pay nearly five times what it offered if it wants to condemn a rental house where a frail, 93-year-old woman has lived for nearly three decades.

The jury said Thursday that Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital would have to buy the 60-year-old brick duplex for $200,000 - it has been appraised at $50,000 to $60,000 - and give the tenant $51,000 to help her move from her home of 26 years.

"It just proves that no one can assume absolute power over someone's life without having to answer to the legal system," said attorney Eddy Meeks, who represented the tenant, Julia Lemon, and the home's owner, Julie Montgomery.

Actually, the legal system is secondary at best.

The power against someone assuming absolute control over a citizen's life, rests in the ability of the citizen to be able to bear arms in defense of life and liberty. If the citizen is willing to die defending their personal liberties, then someone in government must be willing to die attempting to steal it. Tyrants won't last long when/if defending personal liberty becomes the norm.

As for now... citizen's continue to give our failing legal system the first shot at defending liberty.