Fish Or Man

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Caution: Snow Falling

A winter storm just hit New York. Here is an example of how the city folks handled it:
last night I was out til nearly 4 AM with the people from this travel web site I met. They're all really cool and it was great, but I was nearly stranded at 3:30 am when snow came pummeling on NYC and cabs were charging $40 to $85 to go to brooklyn, and those are the ones that were on duty. I was standing out there in heels and literally frozen trying to get from the east village back to brooklyn, and by sheer fortune a cab driver agreed to take me, God bless him. I gave him a very big tip and the car barely made it down Myrtle Ave. That was sheer luck, because I live a long walk from any train station and I would have been sitting there for an hour and walking for an hour, in high heels, otherwise.

No wonder their elected officials don't trust them with firearms. The mayor must warn New Yorkers to stay indoors or they would freeze on the streets.

Now you know why Hilliary choose New York to run for office.

UPDATE: This man handled his 12 inches of snow rather easily. (I'm sure it has nothing to do with it, but we find no skyscrapers in his pictures, nor high-heels. Maybe he just has a desire of self-reliance that politicians are unable to beat out of him. Does that mean anyone who owns a snowblower, or maybe a generator, is more likely to be armed?)