Fish Or Man

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Bush Wants To Kill More Puppies!

Washington's First Dog recently died because of roads.

Washington State's former attorney general isn't letting it keep her down. In fact, she is letting it fuel her rage towards the evil of roads. She is in full support of the Clinton era "no new roads" policy on federal land, (for the sake of the puppies).

But now President Bush wants to allow roads to again be built for continued logging and mining opportunities... thereby killing more defenseless puppies, (under the wheels of logging trucks too!). Who does that remind you of? Hilter. Exactly! Hilter was a known puppy killer.

Luckily, Miss Crissy won't stand for it and has jumped on the lawsuit bandwagon.

Thanks to AnalogKid for covering the story in a more professional manner then I am currently capable of.