Fish Or Man

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Another Open Carry "Incident"

I had many flashbacks reading this story at Liberty Zone. There you will see the words of a police officer sworn to uphold the Constitution:
"I don't care what the laws or the Supreme Court say. WE are NOT going to have people running around, wearing guns, with women and children everywhere."

Sounds real similiar to how Spokane deputies responded to me when I openly exercised my right to bear arms. And not that far off from how the City of Ellensburg use to treat those who open carry, their city code has since been ordered repealed.

I left a comment over at Liberty Zone, finishing with this:

Mr. Marchiafava, we are actually just lucky police didn't kill us. They would have walked free if they had pulled the trigger. "I was scared to death. Suspect looked like he lowered his hand toward his gun." On the word of an officer, CASE CLOSED.

I am not saying you shouldn't push back against tyrants. Just be prepared to take a bullet. Anyone who wants to continue exercising their right to bear arms by peacefully open carrying should wear a bullet-proof vest. You stand a high likelyhood of becoming the victim of true "gang violence".