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Friday, February 24, 2006

One Would Think

In a case like this, Anti-Tax Author Gets 13 Years in Prison, wouldn't the government want to put to rest all issues raised and clearly point out where the IRS has been given authority to collect taxes? Or, in most cases, to force business to collect taxes for the federal government?

Did the government make their case? No. In fact they didn't even attempt to. They instead did what they have come to rely on to continue to hold up this show, they used the power gained at the point of a gun. From another source:

Schiff is the author of "The Federal Mafia: How the Government Illegally Imposes and Unlawfully Collects Income Taxes" a book the government has banned as fraudulent commercial speech.

Banning "fraudulent" "commercial" speech. And the quote of the story goes to the judge:

"Thousands of tax returns, millions and maybe billions of dollars lost,..." "...He took their money and left them holding the bag."

By the way, this is a description of one man, (not our current federal government which spends $87,836 a second!) Were you left holding your "second" or just another empty bag?

At least Schiff didn't hold a gun to our head to only leave us with an empty bag.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Something Old

Haven't actually done anything with it, (except staring at it). Will update you when I find out more about it and take it out for some fun. The marking on it is this:

Global Warming

Temp. this morning was 5 degrees, feels like negative 11.

(Read State Of Fear earlier this week, so don't even try).

Thursday, February 16, 2006

One In Eight Now Free Game

UPDATED at bottom.

In an update to the story of Martin Lee Anderson, (which I mentioned in this post).

Martin was the young boy in Florida that was beaten to death at a police run boot camp. It was caught on video tape but police have so far been refusing to release the video to the public.

The coroner's report has been finished on the young man's death and surprise, surprise... the police were not responsible for his death, (no matter what our eyes will eventually see on the video). Article:
"A teenager who was beaten by guards in a state-run boot camp for juvenile delinquents died from internal bleeding caused by a blood disorder, not from injuries he may have suffered in the beating,"

Bay County Medical Examiner Dr. Charles Siebert gave the county exactly the report his employers wanted. Outstanding work doctor! In fact his report will clear one in eight police murders of black individuals. More from the AP article:

"It was a natural death," he said.

Medical forms filed at the boot camp did not indicate that the youth or his family were aware of the disorder, which affects about one of every eight black people, Siebert said."

Did you catch that part? "...affects about one of every eight black people..."


Wow... Why am I not stunned by this report?

Hey, "Doctor", please explain why ONE OF EVERY EIGHT blacks aren't dropping dead while outside of police custody?

Do police already know they can use this BS "disorder" to get away with murder and that is why they have a practice taught during Police Restraint 101 called knee thrusts or strikes, (which they are trained to apply to the abdominal area)?

And it ain't just blacks that die while police are only following "procedures" either. Police custody can be worse then a lifetime of alcohol for your liver.

This is really disgusting. Martin's family needs to get a second opinion from this bought and paid for coroner's crap. When those results come back, the Bay County Coroner should be added to the list of defendants.
"The sickle cell disorder would not show up in routine blood tests, he said."
They ain't ROUTINE blood tests because they don't lead to ONE OUT OF EVERY EIGHT blacks dropping dead from internal bleeding. Where are all those "natural deaths" that should be happening "doctor"?

As I understand, child abusers that don't want to get caught put a thick telephone book on top of the child's skull before hitting it with a hammer. Only leaves the marks on the inside then. And the difference is???

This is making me sick.

Sickle Cell Trait (from "Current" Medical Diagnosis and Treatment)

Patients with the heterozygous genotype (AS) have sickle cell trait. These persons are clinically normal and have acute painful episodes only under extreme conditions such as vigorous exertion at high altitudes (or in unpressurized aircraft). The patients are hematologically normal, with no anemia and normal red blood cells on peripheral blood smear. They may, however, have a defect in renal tubular function, causing an inability to concentrate the urine. A screening test for sickle hemoglobin (sodium metabisulfite or solubility test) will be positivie, and hemoglobin electrophoresis will reveal that approximately 40% of hemoglobin is hemoglobin S (Table 10-9)
No treatment is necessary. These patients should be considered normal in all respects.

From the book "iGenetics" 2002, Peter J. Russell

"...Sickled cells also are not as flexible as normal cells and therefore tend to clog the capillaries rather then squeeze through them. As a result, blood circulation is impaired and tissues become deprived of oxygen. Although oxygen deprivation occurs particularly at the extremities, the heart, lungs, brain, kidneys, gastrointestinal tract, muscles, and joints can also become oxygen deprived and be damaged. A person with SCA (Sickle Cell Anemia) therefore may suffer from a pleiotropy of health problems, including heart failure, pneumonia, paralysis, kidney failure, abdominal pain, and rheumatism. Some people have a milder form of the disease called sickle-cell trait."


"...Heterozygous Beta A Beta S people make both Hb-A and Hb-S and have sickle-cell trait. ... .Under normal conditions they usually show few symptons of the disease. However, after a sharp drop in oxygen tension (as in an unpressurized aircraft climbing into the atmosphere), sickling of red blood cells may occur, giving rise to symptons similar to those found in people with severe anemia."

No where do we find anything close to the "doctors" quote, "...a whole cascade of events that led to bleeding and hemorrhaging..." Even in Sickle Cell Anemia we find too much clogging being a primary concern.

In Sickle Cell Trait, what the "doctor" has claimed caused Martin's death, only under extreme conditions do we even see the actual formation of sickled red blood cells. And even if Martin had the worse case of "sickling" of his red blood cells, at no time would it be the cause of internal hemorrhaging.

Internal hemorrhaging could occur with blunt force trauma to the abdomen, which I believe is what will be seen when police finally release the video.

The reaction Martin's body had toward that internal bleeding/hemorrhaging would likely have been the same as anyone else's, (if there had been enough sickled cells to become a factor, it would have tended to benefit Martin because of the inabilities of sickled cells to squeeze through opening as normal blood cells do). Further, there is no clinical findings, (or at least no references made), that Sickle Cell Trait affects red blood cells clotting factor, (note: different then clogging).

Video tape released:
The hour and 20 minute video shows guards restraining 14-year-old Martin Lee Anderson. The tape reveals that seven guards did in fact knee and wrestle Anderson to the ground, according to the Associated Press. After he hits the ground, guards continue striking Anderson who appears to lay motionless, AP reports.

A link to the coroner's report here. The coroner finds absolutely NO damage to the body from what you can plainly see in the video, (how is this possible???) But, he does find (page 4) a "focal subendocardial hemmorhage" in the heart. Hemmorhaging in the heart is very likely what caused this sudden death, hemmorhaging which, Sickle Cell Trait does NOT cause. Further, he finds "numerous" sickle shaped cells, (red blood cells???), in other organs of the body, immediate concern would be on those found in the lungs. Although, it remains unclear as to what "numerous" means or what cells are involved.

These finding are not in line with what Sickle Cell Trait is known to cause, nor what the video shows. The only thing that we can know for certain, is that after "Doctor" Siebert's report, murder charges are highly unlikely against the officers you can plainly watch beating this 14 year old to death.

UPDATE: News has change that Sickle Cell Trait is common in 1 in 12 blacks now. Not much difference. Article here. Some quotes:

On the grainy, 80-minute tape, which has no sound, as many as nine guards can be seen wrestling Anderson to the ground and restraining him. The boy appeared limp for most of the ordeal and never appeared to offer significant resistance. While he lay motionless on the ground, a guard struck him several times, either on his arm or torso.

At one point, a guard struck him from behind, lifting his feet off the ground. At the beginning, as the guards are pinning him against a pole, they struck him three times with their knees.

There has been research - some involving recruits at military boot camps - linking the trait to sudden death after extreme exertion. Experts on sickle cell trait, however, questioned Friday whether the disease could be definitively and entirely to blame for Anderson's death.

"There is a slight, increased risk at the extremes of human endurance, but it really takes a profound amount of exercise and dehydration," said Dr. James Eckman, director of the Comprehensive Sickle Cell Center at Grady Health System in Atlanta and a professor at Emory University.

Research shows sudden death with heavy exertion typically happens either in extreme heat and humidity or at high altitude. Weather records show the high temperature was 68 the day Anderson passed out.

Another Open Carry "Incident"

I had many flashbacks reading this story at Liberty Zone. There you will see the words of a police officer sworn to uphold the Constitution:
"I don't care what the laws or the Supreme Court say. WE are NOT going to have people running around, wearing guns, with women and children everywhere."

Sounds real similiar to how Spokane deputies responded to me when I openly exercised my right to bear arms. And not that far off from how the City of Ellensburg use to treat those who open carry, their city code has since been ordered repealed.

I left a comment over at Liberty Zone, finishing with this:

Mr. Marchiafava, we are actually just lucky police didn't kill us. They would have walked free if they had pulled the trigger. "I was scared to death. Suspect looked like he lowered his hand toward his gun." On the word of an officer, CASE CLOSED.

I am not saying you shouldn't push back against tyrants. Just be prepared to take a bullet. Anyone who wants to continue exercising their right to bear arms by peacefully open carrying should wear a bullet-proof vest. You stand a high likelyhood of becoming the victim of true "gang violence".

Home Security

Basement slider windows and sliding glass doors are prime targets for anyone wanting to break into a house.

This method has worked for me, although I've heard some folks just use a stick.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Bill Clinton

While I don't think Bill would ever say those words, I believe Hilliary would gladly do her part.

A morality play set to pictures in a parallel universe.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Oh, Boy

Bush has yet to start repealing tyranical gun control laws, nor take the (F), as for firearms, out of the unconstitutional agency called the BATFU.

But Vice President Cheney has found a good approach, starting with shooting a lawyer while out bird hunting.

So, not only does the duo do diddly for gun rights*, they actually create some extremely bad press for gun owners in general, (which makes great press for the gun control organizations).

*Simple because Bush ignores gun rights, (while Kerry would have attacked them), does not make Bush friends of gun owners.

What Would We Do Without...

Nevermind. This answers it nicely: One wounded, one at large following attempted home invasion Saturday, February 11th, 2006 11:17:56 PM

SPOKANE -- One man was shot and wounded and a second is at large following an attempted home invasion in North Spokane Saturday night.

... According to investigators on the scene, two suspects, armed with a knife and a pellet gun, tried to force their way into one of the apartments.

The resident of the aparatment, armed with a small-caliber automatic pistol, shot one of the intruders, striking him twice in the chest and lower torso.

Now, where can you get those "automatic" pistols. They meant semi-automatic, surely an honest mistake???
The suspect who was shot fled the apartment and got as far as the sidewalk in front of the apartment building before he collapsed.

Crap! Collapsed, but not dead... Now we are left hoping the legal system will stop him and his goblin partner from attacking someone else. Better yet, their next victim will also be armed and finish off these goblins.

I forwarded the story to Clayton Cramer's and Pete Drum's Civilian Gun Self-Defense Blog, where you can find many other wonderfully uses, (besides hunting), for firearms. Call it "extreme sporting use" if you must.

Caution: Snow Falling

A winter storm just hit New York. Here is an example of how the city folks handled it:
last night I was out til nearly 4 AM with the people from this travel web site I met. They're all really cool and it was great, but I was nearly stranded at 3:30 am when snow came pummeling on NYC and cabs were charging $40 to $85 to go to brooklyn, and those are the ones that were on duty. I was standing out there in heels and literally frozen trying to get from the east village back to brooklyn, and by sheer fortune a cab driver agreed to take me, God bless him. I gave him a very big tip and the car barely made it down Myrtle Ave. That was sheer luck, because I live a long walk from any train station and I would have been sitting there for an hour and walking for an hour, in high heels, otherwise.

No wonder their elected officials don't trust them with firearms. The mayor must warn New Yorkers to stay indoors or they would freeze on the streets.

Now you know why Hilliary choose New York to run for office.

UPDATE: This man handled his 12 inches of snow rather easily. (I'm sure it has nothing to do with it, but we find no skyscrapers in his pictures, nor high-heels. Maybe he just has a desire of self-reliance that politicians are unable to beat out of him. Does that mean anyone who owns a snowblower, or maybe a generator, is more likely to be armed?)

Amazing Travels

Great pictures. Take a trip to the Bahamas with your grandparents. Now this looks fun.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Great Strides In Education

On a similiar topic to one I recently posted on, Jerry the Geek uncovers a not so hidden agenda happening in a school district near you.

Image Hosted by

NOT IN MY AMERICA...yeah right

Eminent Domain, Georgia Style

A jury finally gets it right. They weren't allowed to decide if the hospital could take the house where a 93 year grandmother wanted to live out her life, but they were allowed to decide what price the hospital would need to pay to do so. Story:

A jury decided that a Georgia hospital is going to have to pay nearly five times what it offered if it wants to condemn a rental house where a frail, 93-year-old woman has lived for nearly three decades.

The jury said Thursday that Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital would have to buy the 60-year-old brick duplex for $200,000 - it has been appraised at $50,000 to $60,000 - and give the tenant $51,000 to help her move from her home of 26 years.

"It just proves that no one can assume absolute power over someone's life without having to answer to the legal system," said attorney Eddy Meeks, who represented the tenant, Julia Lemon, and the home's owner, Julie Montgomery.

Actually, the legal system is secondary at best.

The power against someone assuming absolute control over a citizen's life, rests in the ability of the citizen to be able to bear arms in defense of life and liberty. If the citizen is willing to die defending their personal liberties, then someone in government must be willing to die attempting to steal it. Tyrants won't last long when/if defending personal liberty becomes the norm.

As for now... citizen's continue to give our failing legal system the first shot at defending liberty.

Got Head

Woman Carrying Human Head Arrested in Florida

Not the time to lose one's head.

That's not the way to get ahead in life.

It's a shame he wasn't more headstrong.

He'll never be the head of a major corporation.


But, because this is someone's twisted idea of a gun blog, just one more:

I like to see girls of that... caliber.

By "caliber," of course, I refer to both the size of their gun barrels and the high quality of their characters... Two meanings... caliber... it's a homonym... Forget it.

Bush Wants To Kill More Puppies!

Washington's First Dog recently died because of roads.

Washington State's former attorney general isn't letting it keep her down. In fact, she is letting it fuel her rage towards the evil of roads. She is in full support of the Clinton era "no new roads" policy on federal land, (for the sake of the puppies).

But now President Bush wants to allow roads to again be built for continued logging and mining opportunities... thereby killing more defenseless puppies, (under the wheels of logging trucks too!). Who does that remind you of? Hilter. Exactly! Hilter was a known puppy killer.

Luckily, Miss Crissy won't stand for it and has jumped on the lawsuit bandwagon.

Thanks to AnalogKid for covering the story in a more professional manner then I am currently capable of.

Got FireFox

Get Adblock Plus now.

Thank me later.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Just In Time For Valentine's Day

Attention Spokane husbands!!!!

The North Spokane Women's Clinic is looking for woman with lowered sex drives for conducting a research study of an investigational medication for the treatment of HSDD, (Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder).

That's right men. No need to take her out on dates anymore. They've got drugs to cover for all YOUR weakness. Fat? Lazy? Boring? Cranky? Just enroll your wife today and let drugs do the rest.

Who said romance is dead?

Prior Restraint Laws

Need something insightful to read this weekend? Try these two post from Publicola.

Absolutisim 101

Absolutisim 201

I found them while lurking around his archives. Enjoyed them the first time and the second.

Clearing Up The Issue

This article about the Danish/Muslim cartoons hits on some points I hadn't yet heard about in the MSM.
The cartoons were first published September of last year in the Jyllands-Posten, one of Denmark's largest daily newspapers. The caricatures certainly caused offense, but it wasn't until late January (after a four month propaganda campaign) that it became an international issue. In fact, the situation would not have turned hostile, were it not for a group of Islamic religious leaders and government officials who deliberately mislead the public, inciting anger and violence throughout the Muslim world.

Four months of propaganda based mostly on cartoons that were NEVER published in the Denmark paper. Yes, NEVER published. More:
Following the initial publication of the cartoons, a group of Danish imams traveled to the Middle East to meet with other religious leaders. They circulated the cartoons along with several other, much more offensive images. These additional images were never published by the Danish press, yet the public (and for a short while, the BBC) were lead to believe otherwise.

So, the non-story wasn't really covered, until the story turned into something more likely to grab headlines: 8 Dead, Embassy Attacked

Of course, the main stream media's inability to get the true story out isn't the real cause of the rioting. The rest of the story:

Since the protests began there has been a great deal of talk about responsible journalism, gratuitous offence, multicultural sensitivities, and such. However the important issue here is not the freedom of expression or freedom of the press. This conflict is about much more than a few political cartoons, it is a clash of cultures. It is also an opportunity for Arab nations to go on the offensive and deflect attention away from other pressing issues, like Egypt's much needed democratic reforms and Iran's nuclear program.

Many Westerners are perplexed by recent events because they do not understand the true nature and agenda of Islam. Although there are many peace-loving Muslims, study of the Islamic religion will reveal that true Islam is anything but a peaceful religion. Islam demands the utter destruction of all Jews, Christians, and anyone who refuses to convert to the Islamic faith. It is a warrior code that demands Muslims live and die by the sword. The truth about Islam is exactly the opposite of what you will hear on the news. Most Westerners believe that Islam is a religion of peace and that Christians and Muslims worship the same God. In public schools we teach our children a doctrine of tolerance, and in some schools students are even required to memorize passages of the Koran. While in comparison, Islamic children are taught that America is the Infidel. We are the enemy.

When the towers came crashing down on September 11, 2001 and thousands of innocent people were killed, Muslims all over the world danced in the streets and praised the hijackers. Islamic terrorists are referred to in the West as radicals and extremists, while in the mid-east they are heralded by fundamentalists as martyrs and heroes, and the families of suicide bombers are rewarded monetary pensions. The disparity between the two perspectives is staggering. For more information, check out our briefing called The Sword of Allah.

Via KHouse's free weekly E-Newsletter.

Justice Through The Barrel Of Blogsnot

Well, he was a good blogger while we had him... gonna be gone soon after this.

Just when he was helping me finally get FireFox just the way I like it, too.

Sad. So young, so much potential... just sad.

If you've got some time to kill, he has links to games, interesting videos, pictures that will break a man's heart, and the occasionally meaty rant. That is, if you can get to them before they are deleted by blogsnot.

And if he gets the 24 blog deleted too, I'm gonna get REAL mad.

The Government's Children

Leaving the power of education in the hands of government is one of the stupidist things a society that wishes to remain free could ever do.

Besides education, we now have government attempting to teach children what are acceptable ways to behave in society. I've seen it in two recent news stories.

First, from the local Washington State University campus paper, we have WSU police chief Steve Hanson:
The department’s job focuses on keeping the campus safe, Hansen said, but it also helps students recognize what behavior is unacceptable.
What? The laws we already have just aren't enough to keep you busy? So, you say you want to keep the campus safe. Lets try point-of-fact here. You HELP rapist by supporting tyranically laws to DISARM all females on campus, yes? Does this keep the raped woman safe? Or are you in fact only keeping the rapist safe?

If you really wanted to keep students safe, scrap your entire budget and put that money towards better crosswalks. Yes, another student was struck earlier this week in one of the schools' six poorly lit crosswalks across Stadium Way, (the ones not at intersection stop lights). Just before that lady was struck and thrown onto the windsheild of the car, I watched the car in front of me almost hit another one in the same crosswalk a lady almost died in last year. The school newspaper does a very good job of keeping the number of crosswalk injuries under-reported, (the nearest story on that search for "crosswalk" is dated 12/05/05, that leaves two crosswalk injuries that I know of unreported. This fits right in with the under-reported rapes police aren't investigating).

Heck, if we only removed the crosswalks, at least students would stop believing they have the right-of-way on a 2 ton vehicle; Whose driver can't even see them after dark!

But, really Chief Hanson, the costs to add automatic overhead blinking lights or in ground warning lights at the worst one of these crosswalks would likely require only your salary alone. So, how much do you really CARE?

You already have automatic sensors for the traffic lights to turn green so your police cars can hurry on to the next false alarm at the NRC, (Nuclear Radiation Center). Yes, goons like you are suppose to be responsible in stopping determined terrorist from getting what they need to make a dirty bomb. Heck, I alone could take out your 4 responding campus cops and destroy the building in minutes. If the wind was right, the entire student body would have thyroid cancer in 8 years.

A side bonus of taking you and your tyrants off the street; Now, defenseless young woman can carry firearms for true security and do so without fear of one of your goons destroying their life because she chooses to exercise her right to keep and bear arms.

And I won't even mention the serial arsonist running around campus for the last three months. The paper doesn't seem to either... how odd? P.S. If you continue to play around with him... he will get bolder... someone will die in the fire... you will scream for more funding... the sheep will give it to you... (But you already knew that part didn't you?)

So, truthfully, it doesn't benefit you to reduce crime. The key is to only allow the right information to be released. As long as parents keep sending you their children, higher crime will only increase your budget. You are doing so well too! Soon you won't have to worry about the information part, because your budget will be big enough for a full-time police spokesman.

Enough of this crap.

Next, we find this story out of Florida:
Florida Video Said to Show Boot Camp Beating

A videotape shows guards brutally beating a boy at a military-style boot camp for juvenile delinquents not long before the teenager died, two lawmakers said Thursday.

Martin Lee Anderson, 14, died Jan. 6 at a Pensacola hospital, a day after he entered the camp because of an arrest for theft.

Anderson complained of breathing difficulties and collapsed during exercises that were part of the entry process at the camp, which was run by the Bay County Sheriff's Office.

Good job police! You really shortened Martin Anderson's life of crime. Two days! That is swift justice! Arrest them one day, and kill them the next. No more death penalty phase or automatic appeals to deal with.

This video has only been shown to a select few politicians! If this were a private run boot camp, police would have made this video available to every news station in the country. When it's one of there own, this is the response we get:
"...Bay County authorities and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement have refused to make the tape public..."

Yeah, you can trust them. They are all about the education, safety, and well-being of THEIR children. Well, and those rapists need protection too.


Thursday, February 09, 2006

Easy To Do, Fun To Grow

Ch... ch... ch... ch... ch... Shiite Pet.

Idaho Murder Charges

Joe has been getting phone calls from a guy going on trial on Monday for murder.

Tough gathering details on the case, but it sounds like the guy had a choice to run away from an unarmed attacker, fight with the attacker, or use his gun. I would think knowledge that this guy had a gun would have caused the attacker to turn and run but it didn't. Now a jury must decide his fate.

Sadly, I know the legal system exists only to give citizen's the illusion of justice. Sometimes it fails at even that. Still, most of us sleep better at night, believing that it and a two-inch deadbolt will stop some goblin from breaking down our door at 2 in the morning.

A small number of us don't rely on this insecurity and keep a weapon at hand. Whether you choose a baseball bat, a shotgun, or a sub-machine gun for protection, you do so for the same reason; You were born with a desire to stay alive. It's a good desire to have. Don't let it die away because of a false sense of security, (no matter who tells you to surrender to criminals or claims they will be there to protect you.)

Make Me Safe From Armed Violence

Great move by David at Gun Show On The Net. And it worked... Control Arms accepted his picture of Pol Pot, with the caption under this mass murder's picture being, "Make Me Safe From Armed Violence." Brilliant! Now that is what "gun control" is really all about.

War On Guns also has some other great ideas for you to have some fun. This could make things very interesting. A running joke on Control Arms dot Org.

Funny, until you realize just what the goals of Control Arms would bring. From their front page right now is this "gun control success" story of a disarmed household, doing exactly what Control Arms asks all of us to do, be unarmed:
"In January 2005 gunmen came to the door of Marie's door in Port au Prince, Haiti. They took her husband, shot him in front of her and burnt her house down. Marie was later raped and had to flee her hometown."
This is a success story for Control Arms, another disarmed victim. Pitchfork wielding intruders could have done the same amount of damage to ANY disarmed household. Yet, a gun in this husband and wife's hand is the last thing Control Arms would ever allow. From the story, there's hints that the intruders were from the same government which Control Arms supports. Also from their front page:
We will use these faces to send a powerful, global message of support to the world's governments for an International Arms Trade Treaty.
Historically speaking, the world's goverments have this funny way of ending up killing or enslaving millions of their citizens, (of course, AFTER disarming them).

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Playing For The Media

If you haven't noticed, the Constitution has been replaced by the will of the masses. Actually, any fringe group willing to scream loud enough for long enough that enough politicians consider them a big enough voting block.

Without the Constitution to keep ignorant nanny politicians in check, it has become a sad existence for freedom lovers. In an attempt to quiet these fringe groups, freedom lovers have been fighting this battle by compromise. This leads to many problems, not the least of which is if you are constantly playing defense in this war you will only end up constantly playing defense in this war.

Getting out of the trenches to take back our rights was mentioned a few post ago. I do support putting up a fight against the freedom haters, screaming loud and long if you have too. And when it is your time to go, do so kicking and screaming, (if you are so inclinded, take some evil out before you go as well).

This is where it gets sad. Because, if we aren't fighting for the Constitution to regain the status it once had, we will never be able to go home. Our entire life will be spent on the battlefield. Truthfully, that sucks.

This is one reason I don't support compromising on the Constitution. While I have done it and I understand the reasoning behind it, compromising will only get us into the next round of the fight. A fight that never should have happened had the Constitution never been compromised to begin with.

Two quick examples of the will of the masses being in control therefore needing to be controlled:

First, watch the news* for awhile, *spit spit. See how police line up weapons seized from some "compounds"? The definition of "compound" is any residence with an outbuilding, currently being replaced with the words, "suspected drug house." Weapons will be placed on a table, spread out, and media will be allowed to video tape all those scary looking guns, (whether it was legal for the owner's to have them or not).

Second, I point you to this story; Preliminary finding of self-defense in fatal shooting Spokane Sheriff's spokesperson opens his mouth, and out comes nothing. Well, no facts at least;
Reagan did not elaborate why detectives think there was self-defense in their investigation into the shooting of 29-year-old Dustin Lowe last week.
You see Dustin Lowe, a bad man, was shot and killed by a sheriff's deputy last week. It sounds like Dustin Lowe was unarmed, and there are questions as to whether it was a good shoot, hence the investigation. Don't get me wrong, I'm not making a judgement in the matter, but I do have some experience with Spokane Sheriff's Dept. Inside information that is. Anyway, back to the spokesman playing for the media:
Lowe had an extensive criminal history in Montana, and was being sought in connection with a car theft in that state.

Edelbrock encountered Lowe while patrolling state Highway 902 east of Medical Lake.


Reagan did not say whether any weapons were found with Lowe, or whether he had threatened or scuffled with the deputy before he was shot.

Ok, Edelbrock "encountered" Lowe? Does that mean tailgating him for 3 miles while running his license plate? Nevermind. The part I like the best is this paragraph:
Dispatchers told the deputy the 2005 Dodge Neon had been stolen and that Lowe, who had recently been released from the Montana State Prison, might be armed with a knife and had a history of attacking law enforcement officers.
This paragraph is very specific for doing only one thing; helping Deputy Edelbrock during his trial, if it ever gets that far. His quote will be, "I had just been told what a bad man this guy was, so any reasonable person would have been scared for their life." Thus a case of self-defense could be built for any shooting.

Once again, I am not passing judgement on this case. It's just this paragraph, which a similiar paragraph was also in the original story, leads me to believe the Sheriff's dept is worried about what the masses might think when an officer shoots an unarmed suspect. It has absolutely nothing to do with what actually happened the final moments before the shooting. If it ain't caught on tape, it's just another good shoot. If it is caught on tape, the tape is confiscated and discredited until the report comes out that it was just another good shoot, (NEVERMIND WHAT YOUR EYES AND EARS SEE AND HEAR). (If this one hadn't been caught on tape, no one ever would have heard this airman screaming about the officer's attempted murder on his life.)

Yeah, yeah, this Spokane guy was a "bad guy". I agree with you there, but I just have to wonder about the description that comes back when police run my name. After the Spokane arrest, I suspect, "likely to be armed" is the minimum deputy dickhead added to my report. I'm guessing he also added something about the claim those pricks made about me threatening his life. The more he adds the easier the officer will walk away with a self-defense case after killing me. And getting it on video while I am proned out on the ground doesn't seem to matter either.

That is the reason I am still questioning whether this was a good shoot. It might next be me, and taking the gun from my hip and placing it in my hand wouldn't even be needed. Just an officer saying I lower my hand towards my gun would be all that was required. (One reason I let officer dickhead open my door for me in Spokane. Although he tried to get me to open it myself, while having at least 2 little red dots on the back of my head. Reaching for my door handle would have been reason enough to be ruled a self-defense shoot. Remind anyone of what the sheriff in California has almost got away with?)

There will always be an argument over whether the shooting was justified, whether video taped, (above story), shown live on every news channels, (Waco, TX), or admitting in open court of shooting an unarmed female while holding her baby and still walking away a free murderer, (no, I'm not talking about this picture, Ruby Ridge.)

So the only lesson I can leave you with today is; police shoot suspects... some victims are lucky enough to live, some aren't.

And speaking of lucky; Wow, this guy is lucky to be alive, let alone win in court.


Remaining Seated

Yesterday's post got me to think about what Todd Beamer might have done. Maybe, because he was a Christian, he knew there are worse things then death. I don't know.

Are there not enough sheepdogs left in America? Do we lack the capacity to learn from Flight 93? Do we lack the ability to master the use of a tool easier to use then a hammer or fire extinguisher? Yeah, a firearm. Point and pull the trigger. (Some handguns, (revolvers and double action), don't even require you "pull the pin" first).

I know, I know... but the robbery went so well, why would we want to risk lives? Well, I believe, there are worse things then death. A nation run by terrorist criminals and tyrants is one of them. "Better Red Then Dead" is a quote from a Frenchmen, not an American.

Are we living in a nation full of those only willing to enjoy the ride, remaining seated because some thugs or tyrants tells us it for our safety? Personally, I feel it quiet stupid, and ignorant of history, to trust either.


Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Clean Up On Aisle 5 And 6

Sadly, that wasn't what employees said when they called 911. From Okanogan, WA; Caso’s Country Foods Robbed Over Weekend
" they entered the store one of the suspects took the five employees down one of the aisles and bound them with duct tape. The second suspect then took the money out of the cash register tills and the money from the safe. The suspects then left the store. Rogers said, “the entire robbery only took 10 to 15 minutes.”
Yes, the vegetable aisle really is that dangerous.

So the suspects were wearing masks? Who have they been taking lessons from? Or maybe those robbers have been watching too much CSI?

What a textbook robbery! The victims all act like good little sheep waiting for the slaughter. The robbers paid attention during class and were smart enough NOT to attack while customers were present, (likely armed ones that wouldn't have put up with such a horrible use for duct tape).

Anyway, the police are looking for the suspects. An awards ceremony has been scheduled for everyone involved. It's true criminals! They wish you no harm. Quote from Sheriff Rogers:
"Were just glad that no one was hurt in the robbery."
That includes you criminals. So why don't you come back to town and join us for a nice outdoor BBQ? The Sheriff may not be willing to provide the meat, but after you get here, we will round something up.

Now, if only all criminals played the game so politely! In fact after such a great robbery, I'm guessing some other goblins will attempt another one soon. Hopefully they have paid attention to the important parts of this little example and not just focused on all that free money!!!

Thanks Caso! You defenseless prick. Way to inspire a whole generation of worthless scumbags. I hope they hit you again, and again, and again, and again. You and your employees deserve to know that you played a large part in not only the future criminal career of these two goblins, (and the future destruction they will cause), but on inspiring still more worthless criminals to follow such a beautiful example. Thanks again.

Maybe insurance companies will start canceling coverage for robbery if the business won't do a damn thing to protect their investments. Or maybe just higher rates for any business that openly subject themselves to the free money game with goblins.

Finally, I need to call my good friends at the Brady Campaign. They really need to get their act together and BAN DUCT TAPE NOW! I see a march on Washington coming, yes, I do.


UPDATE: Well, well, well. They have actually been caught. Here begins the length career of three stupid criminals. Good move slicks.

Truth In Labeling

This is the government "conservatives" asked for.

Check out that beer label. What information is required to be on that label? Alcohol content, calories, ect.

What TRUTHFUL information is illegal to place on that label? Vitamins and minerals. You see, as a good "conservative", BEER can't be GOOD for you.

Anyone attempting to inform the public of these truths are stared down by the BATFU when they come a (no)-knocking on your door.

The story, found here, was found here which was found here.

The rest of the story was then found here by yours truly. Who also found this (humor) along the way.

More on Beer health here. While addiction and excess is always a danger, those are the risks of living in a country founded on individual freedom and liberty. Deal with it "conservatives."

And if our government fights a disinformation war against us about the contents of BEER, what else are they lying about "for the children" of course?

Monday, February 06, 2006

Who Connects You?

Many criminals prefer to find victims in areas where citizens have been banned from carrying arms, thus allowing the criminal to commit their crimes without fear of an armed victim defending their life. Think school shootings, postal shootings, ect. Ever heard of "gun show shooting rampage"? Didn't think so.

While a vocal minority of Americans prefer victims to be disarmed, the majority of citizens realizes that gun bans don't work. Fighting back against criminals does.

So, why does this majority still allow this sign to be placed in a store front in "gun-friendly" Washington State?

Charter Communication's office located in Wenatchee:

While this might be common in the dense areas of Western Washington, Wenatchee is in EASTERN Washington.

Is Charter Communications a government controlled monopoly forced upon the citizens? Is this a connections you still wish to make?

Why does Charter do this when they know it is providing a safe haven for criminals to attack? I believe their motives are not accidental and will continue to refuse to do business with them. If you feel similiar, please do your part by cutting that connection. At the very least, get a good laugh by asking them to repeat their stupid reasoning as to why they are providing criminals a ready supply of disarmed victims? Phone: (314) 965-0555 email

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Repeating Others

The story about the high school dropout wanted in the gay bar rampage getting caught... is covered by Bruce at MassBackwards.

As for the postal shooting last week: murder is illegal; guns on the post office property is illegal; shooting within city limits is illegal; ect, ect, ect. Even so, I still see another law getting passed to make those post office gun ban signs bigger.

After these stories, I can also see another round of laws aimed at disarming those who actually obey the laws. If our government didn't create the problem in the first place, (by disarming the law abiding), we would never realize how much we need government.

Elections continue to prove we want it, so, for our own safety, BRING ON THE POLICE STATE! (Don't worry Republicans/Conservatives. If it makes you feel better, they will only hire LEGAL immigrants to watch over your ever move).

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Picture This

Sent to GunControl.Org. Because they asked for it:

Our Million Faces petition is collecting photos and self portraits from around the world to reach our goal of one million faces by June 2006. We will use these faces to send a powerful, global message of support to the world's governments for an International Arms Trade Treaty.

Is this a picture of one of the "world's governments" you support??? Yeah, this lady and child needed to be disarmed by government for their own safety. You. Flithy. Bastards.

Link and idea found at WOG.

UPDATED: Still can't decided why you should never support gun control? Try here.