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Monday, January 09, 2006

Violent Conservatives?

Are Conservatives violent?

We know it can't be true when we hear the loney left making the claim. But, as with many lying liars, there are some "truths".
Conservatives, I think, have a stronger flight/fight response than liberals. They are both more fearful and more aggressive.
I believe I first saw this thought at Kim's place, it was called, "violent, yet protective". Has the loney left stopped getting talking points from Rush and now head over to Kim's? lol

Anyway, no matter what the left thinks, the idea of violent, yet protective is a good one. We will do no one harm unless harm is brought upon us. At that point the arse-whooping will be deliveried, (count on it).

While this violence can get out of hand, the claim this basic attitude is wrong is laughable. A cougar is just as likely to attack a tree hugger whistling in the woods as a hunter, (trust me, I know). Ask Marion Barry about that one.

But the topic of violent conservatives, I did want to hit on farther, (my violent side again).

Are individual conservatives violent? No. But that wasn't exactly the question asked. Are conservatives as a whole violent? This answer requires more then just a one word answer.

Where the looney left might have a point of violent conservatives is when conservatives are overjoyed when suddenly in charge of a system which purposely brings violence against those who, like you, would just like to be left alone. Try the War on *some Drugs to start with.

Or look how this system insured a man in Montana couldn't peacefully keep a homemade fully automatic firearm in his own home. Just a man living his life, exercising the right to keep and bear arms, without harming you or anyone else. Yet, this conservative nation brought violence to this man. (Under the "commerce clause" no less. Story: here here here )

If I cut my home-defense shotgun too short, (which could make it a better home-defense tool), violence would be sent against me as well.

The Constitution is where I would think all conservatives would agree to base their core values in. Yet, through indirect actions all citizens, (that includes conservatives), have brought violence to the man in Montana, the grandma with cataracts, and me.

No, I don't believe we would get any less violence with the other party in charge. Likely it would only be directed someplace else. That certainly doesn't mean conservatives should be happy about being in charge of this violent beast. And that is what this machine is.

You see, the only power government has over citizens is the power of violence. Therefore, the only way to get less violence from our government is LESS government. While conservatives claim that idea in their very namesake, their votes continually add to the size of this government at a rate that gives liberals a run for their money.

Does this make conservatives violent? I still don't think so. But the conservative attitude, in large part, has changed from one of, "live and let live" to "as long as they aren't destroying in my neighborhood". That attitude doesn't necessarily make violence, but it certainly isn't stopping this violence either.

It would be wise of conservatives to make a stand against this beast before it rolls into our neighborhood. Yet, too many are so single-minded they only see one fear at a time, currently Islamic Jihads. Meanwhile, an even larger destroyer grows in the shadows.

This post came about after reading this.