Fish Or Man

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Stolen Bar Of Silver

Late last year I was contracted to do some work at a gold mine. Even though I had very little to do with the mining process, I was working at the mine site so I was subject to MSHA requirements of 24 hours of safety education. I wasn't required underground so, I didn't need the additional 16 hours to be allowed underground. (Although, I'm thinking of taking it just for the added options for employment).

Anyway, it gives me some perspective on the recent coal mining explosion and deaths. One thing for sure, the right people in the head office in charge of safety is very, VERY, important. We had a good one, plus the added benefit that our trainer was an EMT and the person in charge of safety at the mine--he knew what he was talking about.

The second most important thing is for employees never to become lazy when it comes to safety. (Interesting fact is that recent employees are actually less likely to get a major injury. Employees that have been around for awhile tend to let their guards down... and DIE!)

Anyway, during one day of instructions we were given a quick tour to locate danger zones. Pinch points, nasty chemicals and it included a quick look at where the bars of gold were poured.

Of course, that lead the crew I was with to figured out the best method of stealing that gold... during armored car shipments. The shipments were done at random and only one person at the plant knew when they would occur and only shortly before they were scheduled. That presented problems, but with enough planning and the killing of almost everyone of my co-workers/thieves after we pulled it off, it could be done. (Hey, even at over $750,000 a bar I ain't about to share when the idiot will just open their big mouth).

We got an estimate that the armored car would leave with upwards of a dozen bars! WOW! For that I would be willing to share... if I could only trust them outside the grave to keep their mouths shut... nevermind. Well, when I informed them that part of the plan included killing them... I just couldn't get it off the ground.

Today, when I read about someone who got away with a bar of silver from a mine, I had a hard time not cheering for him.