Fish Or Man

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Still Finished

I have gained back the weight I lost around this time last year, (and a little more). I actually started gaining the weight back around the time I lost the trial in Ellensburg. Can't say it bothered me much to lose, I was fairly certainly of winning on appeal... eventually.

And that appears to have happened. The judgement order was filed on the Dec. 14, 2005. But it actually doesn't have to be sent down to the lower district court for 60 days, (and can't be sent any sooner then 30 days). This is to give time for the City of Ellensburg to appeal, (if they would like). I've seen no evidence of an attempt on their part, but will probably find out one way or another when I file a civil suit for all moneys lost defending against their stupidity.

This is one reason I am glad I lost at trial. I risked little and was able to rid the City of Ellensburg of an unconstitutional law. And I will be able to say, I hopefully, I will be able to say I did it on their dime. A famous quote goes here. Something about, "if you don't fight when you CAN win, what makes you think you WILL fight when you can't?" Or something like that.

Now, there still remains the state version of a similiar law to deal with, but as I said, I am (still) finished. I will be moving out of state. The wife has been applying for other schools in which to finish her PhD. For gun rights, I am voting for Arizona, but schools in other states have also been applied to. But not California! It was quickly removed from the list. Sorry UCDavis, (not really).

Those citizens left in Washington State... Not much to do but follow after the major gun rights groups and give up defeating unconstitutional laws. Just keep screaming and bitching about enforcing the gun laws that ARE on the books and maybe, (BIG MAYBE), the nannys won't pass any MORE unconstitutional gun laws. I know, it would seem a good time to try to roll back some bad laws, especially when the majority mindset is changing in the direction of supporting gun rights. Nevermind me though, the NRA has a plan... (federalize it all???) Anyway, follow the leader. Step out of line and you will be, just that, out of line.

I will be attempting to republish the archives I moved offline during the heat of battle. Then turning this back into my blog, instead of someone else's idea of a gun blog.

On that note: I'm sad that we gave the bastards California. I would have enjoyed it. (Caution dial-up: many beatiful pictures from California).