Fish Or Man

Saturday, January 28, 2006

So This Is Why

UPDATE: David Codrea has more about the story, here. (Soberity among armed off-duty police doesn't appear to be an issue in New York. Why aren't sober citizens then allow "the right to keep and bear arms" in New York???--Of course, besides what the Constitution already says on the matter.)

This is why New Yorker's don't have the right to defend their lives with a handgun. Is this the kind of "blood in the streets" all the elites keep warning citizen's about?


In a tragic case of mistaken identity, police shot and critically wounded an off-duty officer as he pointed a gun at a suspect outside a fast food restaurant early Saturday, authorities said.

He apparently subdued one of the suspects, and when a patrol car arrived, was pointing his gun at a man on the ground.

One of the two officers in the car, apparently believing Hernandez was about to shoot, opened fire, Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said.

Hernandez, who joined the force in 2004, never fired his weapon, authorities said. He was shot in each leg and the abdomen and lost a lot of blood, Bloomberg said.