Fish Or Man

Sunday, January 22, 2006

The Reason You Bought That SUV

Where could you mount this gun? You should know the average recoil force is 500 pounds, so your Honda probably wouldn't be the first choice. But then you could easily justify that gas bill for your SUV if this were mounted on it.


HOLD ON! Our government needs to make a law. If this gun was converted to semi-auto it would be legal in the United States without so much as a background check. Crazy gun owners in the United States could then be buying and selling this gun out of your local newspaper's classifieds??? (Not in California of course, but then I did say the United States. One of the many reasons California is such a peacefully place to live. BullCough, Diana, cough, Feinstein, hack, cough, hack.).

Don't worry GFW, some nanny somewhere has already written the draft of the bill to ban this gun... for your safety, of course.

GeekWithA.45 found it first.