Fish Or Man

Monday, January 09, 2006

Protecting the Children WITH Guns

Two recent articles on the topic.

First Vin covers the topic throwing in some wonderful gun laws in Nevada, for the children of course. HERE.

Then David relays the wonders of a gun safety lock that makes the gun instantly available in an emergency, (though when this gun magically appears, it remains UNloaded). HERE. "Please don't attack me yet, I need to load my gun first. Dammit, where's that key? Turn on the light, honey! OUCH! MY TOE! Hey, goblin, could you just pick up a large rock on your way in? Screw it, just beat me senseless and leave me for dead."

Bonus from David, HERE. (Wait, I taught the gun rights groups were for teaching about keeping children safe WITH guns! Are they STILL stuck on hunting?)