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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Omak, WA. My Hometown

I didn't cover this story when it broke. I had other things going on last year... Namely a certain tyrant in Ellensburg taking away a year of my life with his retaliatory citation under a preempted, void and nullified law. Will see how that works out for you, prick!

Back to the case, which doesn't appear to have gotten much notice, from my hometown even, (slap my bad blogging): Deputies raid wrong home in Omak

The heavily armed officers, all wearing ski masks and camouflage clothing, used a battering ram to smash open the door to the trailer home, Gahimer said. With rifles and handguns drawn, they rushed inside.

They thought they were at space 7 at the Homestead Trailer Park, the residence of Joseph M. Parisien, 30. He was wanted on two warrants and is a suspect in a second-degree assault, Gahimer said.

Instead, they entered the trailer at space 9, occupied by four sleeping people: brothers Jose and Jesus Sanabria, Jesus Sanabria's wife, Adriana, and their 2-year-old child, Luis.

Gahimer said both men resisted law enforcement officers until they were handcuffed face down on their beds. Officers used a Taser gun to subdue one of them. They also caused a bloody nose, he said.

They resisted you... awww you poor little tyrant. You pricks should have all received an immediate death sentence, ventilated with lots of lead so to speak... (of course, not to kill you... only to "stop" you from committing this armed felony.)
"I feel bad for the people," the sheriff said. "We'll just make amends as best we can." The sheriff's office asked the owners of the trailer park to replace the broken door as soon as possible and send him the bill, he said.
Another common story of wrong address, luckily the homeowners weren't killed... as for the police, they deserved so much more. Yet they got off with awards for not killing the innocent family... well not exactly awards but I do remember it being mentioned locally... What restraint!
That article is before I even started blogging, Sept. 2003. Which gives us the pleasure now seeing the outcome of the case. Almost, Brothers sue over raid at wrong home near Omak

...two deputies were issued letters of reprimand for failing to use basic investigating skills and a sheriff's sergeant was given an oral reprimand for failing to make sure the Sanabrias got a new door immediately afterward.

What! No nasty "transfers" for the criminals hiding behind a badge? Crimes were committed that night against this family and society as a whole. Crimes of terror leaving ALL citizens wondering when it will be their turn. (Why did we take the "War on Terror" overseas when we have terror in our hometowns?)

As for the sheriff making amends? Nope, the county's lawsuit defense team/insurance company lawyers have yet to reach a settlement with this family.

Hmmmm... I wonder if the lack of coverage for this case is due to racism.