Fish Or Man

Friday, January 06, 2006

Officer sentenced for drug dealing

He must have squealed like a pig because he deserved far more then 21 months for what he was involved in, From Newsday:
Among those Gil took the witness stand against was former Detective Sylvestre Acosta, who was sentenced in May to 45 years in prison after being convicted at trial of violating the civil rights of drug suspects by using phony information to raid their houses and steal cash, jewelry and other items while planting evidence.
And our last sentence of the story is:
The charges arose out of an FBI corruption probe.
What? You mean internal affairs didn't respond to complaints from innocent framed citizens??? Whatever happened to policing their own?

Tyranical thugs protecting their own. What do you expect from police whose testimony is cited as gospel by the courts. Police are trained to fear all citizen/suspects and will freely cite that in court next time they murder another innocent. If our courts allow their behavior to continue, police will start to have some real reasons for this fear. A guardrail is currently more dangerous to police then citizens. They don't even make the list... yet.

With what police are "legally" allowed to do to citizens on a daily basis and then this crap, you have to wonder why we traded one tyrant a thousand miles away for a thousand tyrants less then a mile away, working right out of your city hall and police stations. No? Not in your town, you say? They only do that stuff to the "bad" guys, you say?

Read this again; "using phony information to raid their houses and steal cash, jewelry and other items while planting evidence." And this came out only after FBI stepped in. (Who is left to investigate the FBI?) With police a transfer would have been in order for simply stealing and planting evidence, (even unjustified shootings of a citizen are a "personal matter" leading to a... transfer).

You may draw your own line in the sand. For me, they have all failed to uphold their oath to the Constitutional, so I trust not one tyrant.