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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Now This Is the Kind of Discretion Police Enjoy

In our justice system, police have been given the "discretion" on whether to issue a citation.

With the majority of "crimes" these days having no true victims, this discretion is routinely abused. Who is left to complain when an officer fails to do their job? Certainly not the "criminal." A job considered so important and dangerous that police routinely just let "crimes" slide after enough licks are applied.

The truly strange part is the number of folks that want police to have this discretion without seeing the obvious abuse of power which comes with it.

Baltimore Officers Charged in Rape Case
Three city police officers have been indicted on rape charges alleging that one officer had sex with a woman at a police station in exchange for her release and that the other two conspired to let it happen, the state's attorney's office said.

Consistent with her story the woman was never cited. The police claim they, "let the woman go if she agreed to go into the community to help gather drug-related information." And what of the horrible damage done to society with her initial "crime" of possession of marijuana??? A crime police believed so vile they were willing to assault and kidnapped her.

And like the other recent case posted below, this one once again required the FBI to step in to police the police. Policing their own fails again and leaves the citizen's of Baltimore footing the bill:
The officers were suspended with pay pending the outcome of the investigation.

Because I have never lived in one, I don't know what makes a police state, (Is that circular thinking?). But something is very telling about a society when even an innocent lawyer is afraid of police.