Fish Or Man

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Nation Building

If this is true:

61% of British Muslims want to live under Sharia law

How is Iraq, (with what I would think is a more traditionalistic Muslim population), ever going to be the "bastion of freedom in the middle east"? Under Sharia courts: Freedom of Religion, no way. Woman's Rights, hell no. Gay rights, over their dead bodies. Nativity scenes... lol.

'Sharia law' and 'freedom' can't be used in the same sentence nor even the same century. We should get back to destroying those who are a direct threat against us, and stop with the nation building. Whatever we leave behind will stabilize itself out quickly. But stop kidding yourself thinking it will be some kind of center of freedom in the middle east.

I got started on this line of thought last month upon hearing subjects in Iraq screaming, "We need security!" No, not freedom... security. It's a mindset thing. Only if we take over Iraq schools for an entire generation will we come close to changing this mindset, (if we send over our current public school teachers it would take longer still). Do you see the problem with nation building yet?

Stabilize it so genocide doesn't take place, (the simpliest method is to insure every family has an 'evil black assault rifle'). Then lets get the hell out of there. It will never become a vacation destination for gays no matter how hard we try.