Fish Or Man

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Makes One Wonder...

Tucked away in the basement of West Virginia's gold-domed Capitol, state officials say, an office was secretly transformed into a taxpayer-funded studio that may have been used to pirate DVD videos and music CDs.
The office contained hundreds of blank DVDs, CDs and jacket covers as well as numerous recorders for both mediums and more than one computer, according to a Jan. 5 memo written by state Chief Technology Officer Kyle Schafer.
"Specifically, one hard drive contained approximately 40 full-length motion videos," Schafer wrote. "Two other hard drives contained over 3,500 MP3 music files."
If citizens can't keep track of the happening directly under their noses, what vileness lurks in the basements in Washington DC?

Predictably, the response to which member of the elite did this is, "personnel regulations" don't allow them to tell us.

So, when a 3,500 marijuana plant growing operation is found in my basement, can I cite "personnel regulations", wait for the smoke to clear while finding a scapegoat, and the entire time continue my business of fencing stolen property upstairs?