Fish Or Man

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Just Another Reason

Bob Morton, Washington State Senator from my neck of the woods, keeps getting sent back to Olympia because of things like this: Washington Wildlife Rescue Coalition Abolished (Yes, abolished, even with a PC name like that.)
"“Call it one small step toward reducing the size of government and eliminating duplication,"” said Sen. Bob Morton, R-Orient, who has eliminated about 80 laws from the state'’s books while in the Legislature, and is a co-sponsor of SB 6160. "The Washington Wildlife Rescue Coalition had a noble mission, but it has become an anachronism and is no longer needed."

Bob could spend the rest of his political career in Olympia only sponsoring bills that eliminate laws* and he would continually be reelected by grateful constituents.

Over on the house side we have sent Joel Kretz to do similiar damage. Both ran as Republicians but don't appear to be playing the political game that most "conservatives" do when they get a taste of power. The hope is, we only have to elect them as Republicians. The rest of the time they can act like the conservatives they actually are.

*Bob should also continue to sponsor the bill to divide Washington State down the middle of the Cascades. Not to buy votes, but do it because your constituents WANT the state divided.