Fish Or Man

Friday, January 20, 2006

Happening In Spokane?

Not that I personally know of. But after my dealings with those pricks working graveyard, what happened in Baltimore is likely to happen in Spokane too.

Raymond Smoot, 51, was in custody May 14 on a petty theft charge at the state-run Baltimore Central Booking and Intake Center where he got into an altercation with officers. Attorneys say Smoot was beaten until his skull was cracked and his eyes and face were crushed and swollen beyond recognition.

Eight correctional officers were fired after Smoot's death, and three of them were charged in August with second-degree murder. The three, Dameon Woods, 33, Nathan Colbert, 42, and James Hatcher, 43, have pleaded not guilty.

You still think part of a police officers job is making sure citizens remain polite?

"Ain't so tough without your gun?" That's what the prick in Spokane tried to taunt me with.