Fish Or Man

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Good Reads

I'm calling it, "Give away liberty, and keep me safe!"


And one on guns here.

Rovatec's "Bullite" laser training bullet is a microprocessor "intelligent" electro-optic device shaped like a standard ammunition cartridge. When activated by the firing pin, the device emits a laser point-of-impact pulse that can be visible for at least 12 yards during the daytime, in poor light, or indoors on a reflective target. It does not alter the physical attributes of any weapon or affect the owner's ability to draw and rapidly fire.


Plus, Bill St. Clair has moved here. Where he is currently discussing where in the Constitution the FEDERAL Government is given authority to regulate a product which never leaves your house. (The discussion is quite short, because it just isn't there). Go ahead 'Conservatives', betcha you can't find it either.