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Saturday, January 28, 2006

So This Is Why

UPDATE: David Codrea has more about the story, here. (Soberity among armed off-duty police doesn't appear to be an issue in New York. Why aren't sober citizens then allow "the right to keep and bear arms" in New York???--Of course, besides what the Constitution already says on the matter.)

This is why New Yorker's don't have the right to defend their lives with a handgun. Is this the kind of "blood in the streets" all the elites keep warning citizen's about?


In a tragic case of mistaken identity, police shot and critically wounded an off-duty officer as he pointed a gun at a suspect outside a fast food restaurant early Saturday, authorities said.

He apparently subdued one of the suspects, and when a patrol car arrived, was pointing his gun at a man on the ground.

One of the two officers in the car, apparently believing Hernandez was about to shoot, opened fire, Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said.

Hernandez, who joined the force in 2004, never fired his weapon, authorities said. He was shot in each leg and the abdomen and lost a lot of blood, Bloomberg said.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Site Referals

It certainly isn't as interesting as some of the hits Joe gets because of Boomershoot. (Here's a couple good ones. here here) Those that want to learn how to make BOMBS search Joe out.

Meanwhile, a current Yahoo search for "how to deal with boyfriends who sit at home" rank FishOrMan number two?

*Update: SWEET! I now appear to be number one! Hope they found what they were looking for.

Out Of Service

Been on the road this week and won't be making it home until Monday.

The wife is home and has been working on her master's seminar for her graduate studies. Lots of stress around the home, (which usually only happens when I'm home). She is stressing and I am not there to comfort her. It hurts.

I love and miss you honey. Be home soon.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Open Borders, Open Fire


Texas law enforcement officers faced off with men dressed as Mexican Army soldiers and apparent drug suspects near the U.S.-Mexican border Tuesday, after three SUVs attempted to flee state authorities, officials said.

Texas Department of Public Safety troopers chased three SUVs, believing they were carrying drugs, to the banks of the Rio Grande during Monday's incident.

Hudspeth County deputies and at least two Texas Department of Public Safety troopers squared off against at least 10 heavily armed men from the Mexican side of the Rio Grande.

U.S. officials who pursued three fleeing SUVs to the Mexican border saw what appeared to be a Mexican military Humvee help one of the SUVs when it got stuck in the river, he said.

Chief Deputy Mike Doyal of the Hudspeth County Sheriff's Department said that Mexican army personnel had several mounted machine guns on the ground more than 200 yards inside the U.S. border...

"It's been so bred into everyone not to start an international incident with Mexico that it's been going on for years," Doyal said. "When you're up against mounted machine guns, what can you do? Who wants to pull the trigger first? Certainly not us."

Certainly not our GOVERNMENT, you mean. The PEOPLE are more then willing to make an "international incident" out of armed invaders.

After the newspaper reported on Mexican military crossings earlier this month, Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said the report was overblown and most of the incursions were just mistakes.

"Overblown" Good word Michael. Because that's exactly YOUR reaction when any non-elite/civilian makes the mistake and forgets a knife or handgun in their purse before peacefully traveling by plane. Those 90 year olds with scissors... yep, OVERBLOWN is your word.

More here.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Countertop Has Been Doing Some Work

He looks to have really put some effort into setting up votes for the best gun blog. He even has different categories and is now looking for your input. Check it out, make some votes and make sure these blogs are on your favorite's list.

Small Update On Ellensburg Case

The Memorandum Decision has been sent to the Lower Kittitas County District Court and the Mandate was filed January 20, 2006 in the Superior Court.

(Don't know what I'm talking about??? Start here.)

Sunday, January 22, 2006

The Reason You Bought That SUV

Where could you mount this gun? You should know the average recoil force is 500 pounds, so your Honda probably wouldn't be the first choice. But then you could easily justify that gas bill for your SUV if this were mounted on it.


HOLD ON! Our government needs to make a law. If this gun was converted to semi-auto it would be legal in the United States without so much as a background check. Crazy gun owners in the United States could then be buying and selling this gun out of your local newspaper's classifieds??? (Not in California of course, but then I did say the United States. One of the many reasons California is such a peacefully place to live. BullCough, Diana, cough, Feinstein, hack, cough, hack.).

Don't worry GFW, some nanny somewhere has already written the draft of the bill to ban this gun... for your safety, of course.

GeekWithA.45 found it first.

Getting Out Of The Trenches

I like what Kirk has to say.

WE CAN WIN this war if we are willing to attach the bayonets and CHARGE!

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Heading Shopping

Yeah, I know it's late for going shopping, but going late is the best time when living in a college town.

We try to make shopping lists before heading to the store, (helps us remember what we need, plus it keeps us from impulse buying). The wife has figured away to make impulse buying not so impulsive. Example:

Hey, it's on the list!

She is loved.

Weekend Fun

Sadly, it was last weekend... seems such a long time ago.

Although cold, the cleanup was quite simple.

The plastic shotgun shells were no problem. But, some of the .308 and 9mm brass really had to be dug out.

Justice Souter Brings Us Lost Liberty

The fight continues: Eminent Domain Activists Target Souter

Angered by a Supreme Court ruling that gave local governments more power to seize people's homes for economic development, a group of activists is trying to get one of the court's justices evicted from his own home.

The group, led by a California man, wants Justice David Souter's home seized to build an inn called the "Lost Liberty Hotel."

They submitted enough petition signatures - only 25 were needed - to bring the matter before voters in March. This weekend, they're descending on Souter's hometown, the central New Hampshire town of Weare, population 8,500, to rally for support.

"This is in the tradition of the Boston Tea Party and the Pine Tree Riot," Organizer Logan Darrow Clements said, referring to the riot that took place during the winter of 1771-1772, when colonists in Weare beat up officials appointed by King George III who fined them for logging white pines without approval.


About 25 volunteers gathered at Weare Town Hall on Saturday before setting out in teams to go door-to-door. Organizer Logan Darrow Clements gathered nine signatures in less than an hour, with only one resident declining to sign.

He also distributed copies of the Supreme Court's decision, Kelo vs. City of New London, to residents.

More on the abuses our courts currently approve from TriggerFinger. Seizing 105 acres for ONE DOLLAR. There goes that investment property, (and you thought you might be able to retire, lol).

Friday, January 20, 2006

Support Hurricane Katrina Tee Shirts

"Not Our Problem Dude", you say?

Well, at least while you are looting you should be seen wearing these shirts, instead of your official uniform.

Happening In Spokane?

Not that I personally know of. But after my dealings with those pricks working graveyard, what happened in Baltimore is likely to happen in Spokane too.

Raymond Smoot, 51, was in custody May 14 on a petty theft charge at the state-run Baltimore Central Booking and Intake Center where he got into an altercation with officers. Attorneys say Smoot was beaten until his skull was cracked and his eyes and face were crushed and swollen beyond recognition.

Eight correctional officers were fired after Smoot's death, and three of them were charged in August with second-degree murder. The three, Dameon Woods, 33, Nathan Colbert, 42, and James Hatcher, 43, have pleaded not guilty.

You still think part of a police officers job is making sure citizens remain polite?

"Ain't so tough without your gun?" That's what the prick in Spokane tried to taunt me with.


I See Dead People

Are you noticing them too?

Man Found Dead on NYC Subway

A man was found dead on a New York City subway car during morning rush hour, and his lifeless body may have ridden on the train for about six hours.


Reilly, a Postal Service employee, typically worked a 4 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. shift as a mail handler in midtown Manhattan. If Reilly left work at the usual time and died during the 35-minute trip home to Brooklyn, then his body could have been on the train for more than six hours before being noticed.

In June 1999, the body of a man was found on a No. 1 train. He apparently had been dead for five hours before anyone noticed.

While I see dead people, Kim du Toit is seeing dumb people. (He also is seeing an MP-40 Submachine Gun, 9mm Para. Oh, me likey!)

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Stolen Bar Of Silver

Late last year I was contracted to do some work at a gold mine. Even though I had very little to do with the mining process, I was working at the mine site so I was subject to MSHA requirements of 24 hours of safety education. I wasn't required underground so, I didn't need the additional 16 hours to be allowed underground. (Although, I'm thinking of taking it just for the added options for employment).

Anyway, it gives me some perspective on the recent coal mining explosion and deaths. One thing for sure, the right people in the head office in charge of safety is very, VERY, important. We had a good one, plus the added benefit that our trainer was an EMT and the person in charge of safety at the mine--he knew what he was talking about.

The second most important thing is for employees never to become lazy when it comes to safety. (Interesting fact is that recent employees are actually less likely to get a major injury. Employees that have been around for awhile tend to let their guards down... and DIE!)

Anyway, during one day of instructions we were given a quick tour to locate danger zones. Pinch points, nasty chemicals and it included a quick look at where the bars of gold were poured.

Of course, that lead the crew I was with to figured out the best method of stealing that gold... during armored car shipments. The shipments were done at random and only one person at the plant knew when they would occur and only shortly before they were scheduled. That presented problems, but with enough planning and the killing of almost everyone of my co-workers/thieves after we pulled it off, it could be done. (Hey, even at over $750,000 a bar I ain't about to share when the idiot will just open their big mouth).

We got an estimate that the armored car would leave with upwards of a dozen bars! WOW! For that I would be willing to share... if I could only trust them outside the grave to keep their mouths shut... nevermind. Well, when I informed them that part of the plan included killing them... I just couldn't get it off the ground.

Today, when I read about someone who got away with a bar of silver from a mine, I had a hard time not cheering for him.

Main Stream Media???

Why can't you do a story like this?

One man's "attempt" to legally travel through 13 states while exercising the right to keep and bear arms.

What a bunch of crap! I'm happy to see he just chooses to break those insane gun control laws. Of course, it would have been near impossible for any gun carrier not to break those laws.

Stop kidding yourself. The United States will never acknowledge the right to bear arms unless YOU and ME start to exercise that right.

Just Another Reason

Bob Morton, Washington State Senator from my neck of the woods, keeps getting sent back to Olympia because of things like this: Washington Wildlife Rescue Coalition Abolished (Yes, abolished, even with a PC name like that.)
"“Call it one small step toward reducing the size of government and eliminating duplication,"” said Sen. Bob Morton, R-Orient, who has eliminated about 80 laws from the state'’s books while in the Legislature, and is a co-sponsor of SB 6160. "The Washington Wildlife Rescue Coalition had a noble mission, but it has become an anachronism and is no longer needed."

Bob could spend the rest of his political career in Olympia only sponsoring bills that eliminate laws* and he would continually be reelected by grateful constituents.

Over on the house side we have sent Joel Kretz to do similiar damage. Both ran as Republicians but don't appear to be playing the political game that most "conservatives" do when they get a taste of power. The hope is, we only have to elect them as Republicians. The rest of the time they can act like the conservatives they actually are.

*Bob should also continue to sponsor the bill to divide Washington State down the middle of the Cascades. Not to buy votes, but do it because your constituents WANT the state divided.


Any idea who might be flying this plane?

Guns Don't Kill People

Chuck Norris Kills People
(humor... sort of)

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Heading to Tennessee?

Pick up a HAM before you go.

What? Are You Insane Too?

Earlier this week Kim du Toit voiced his support for a gun control law. You may not see it as gun control, it boils down to this: Criminals, after serving their time and being released back onto the streets, should not be allowed to carry firearms. I wasn't shocked by the support for this law, there appears to be very good reasons behind it--Criminals tend to be repeat offenders. Some of these reason are explained in comments.

So, felons without firearms? All well and good... in theory. But since possession of firearms by felons is already illegal we can only pick up the newspaper to see how well it is working. Yup, those darn felons still aren't following the laws. Maybe tomorrow's paper will be different.

So, let's look at how keeping firearms from felons is applied. Via TriggerFinger we find this story:

Rebecca took out a life insurance policy on herself four years ago. She made her daughter the beneficiary. She was 51.

She believed that her husband was going to kill her. It was just a matter of time. She believes it still, even though she left him in 2001 and went underground through the California Confidential Address Program. She uses a phony address in Sacramento provided by the program (and is not using her real name for this column) to remain hidden.

Last summer, there were signs he had found her.

So Rebecca started carrying a gun inside a pouch in her purse.

What happened next is a sobering reminder of how the legal system is still struggling to understand the complex and vulnerable lives of battered women.

Rebecca had owned the gun since escaping from her husband. She bought it after the required 10-day waiting period and registered it in her name. She knew the police couldn't always be around to protect her. A gun leveled the playing field against a man bigger and stronger than she was. Maybe it would save her from becoming one of the 1,300 people killed in the United States each year in domestic violence attacks.

One evening last August, Rebecca was making the long drive home from Mill Valley, where she had to drop off some papers for a client. She stopped at an Albertsons supermarket in Half Moon Bay. She paid for her groceries, picked up the shopping bag and her wallet but left her purse at the end of the checkout counter.

The momentary lapse plunged her into a legal mess that has turned her from victim to criminal. She was arrested for carrying a loaded gun and sentenced last month by a San Mateo County court to 10 days in jail and 18 months' probation. Her conviction means she can no longer possess a gun, and it might jeopardize her participation in the Confidential Address Program.

"I'm 55 years old,'' Rebecca said by phone. "I've never committed a crime. I'm not a threat to anybody.''

Rebecca didn't think she needed a permit to carry a concealed weapon because California law waives the permit requirement for anyone who "reasonably believes that he or she is in grave danger because of circumstances forming the basis of a current restraining order.'' Rebecca had a restraining order against her husband.

What she didn't know was that the restraining order, which she understood to be permanent, had expired in June.

"The restraining order would have been enough to take it to a jury trial,'' said Ben Lamarr, the lawyer who represented her in court. "It would have created a technical defense, but without that, she didn't have anything.''

Rebecca's appeal of the sentence was approved this week. It means she can spend her 10 days working in the jail but won't have to sleep there. Still, the sentence will cost her $20 per day plus an additional $60 fee, not to mention 10 days of lost wages, the gas to drive from the county where she lives to the San Mateo County Jail and the $160 fine she already paid.

"It would cost me less to do the time,'' Rebecca said.

More important, the conviction leaves Rebecca more vulnerable than ever to her abusive husband. For one, the district attorney's office mistakenly included her actual street address on all its documents, which are public record. The office was scrambling on Friday to delete the information.

And two, she now has no protection. (I wonder whether San Francisco voters considered domestic violence situations when they voted in November to ban all handguns and what consequences women like Rebecca might pay.)

"I'm usually not in the business of trying to get anybody's gun back, but with this conviction, she couldn't have it even in her house anymore,'' said attorney Myra Weiher, who is trying to get the conviction set aside.

"This is scary stuff she's facing (from her batterer). Guys like this don't behave in ways regular criminals do. They're stealth. They're all about terror.''

Rebecca knows she made a big mistake in leaving her purse with a loaded gun at a public place. Her lapse was a potentially dangerous one; it should not be minimized. But how do we balance her mistake against the danger she faces every day from a violent man who left her crushed and fearful, whose beatings and threats drove her into hiding?

The law against carrying concealed guns makes good sense. But so many women every year are killed by their abusive boyfriends and husbands. Restraining orders, as we know, can't stop them. The police often can't stop them. I don't know what the solution is. But something's wrong when, in trying to keep herself alive, the terrorized woman becomes the criminal.

Keeping felons from having firearms! When you stop treating this law as a theory and apply it in the real world, it becomes just another gun control law. Like all gun control, it is doomed for failure, but appears to make so much sense anyone unsupportive is labeled insane.

What? Are you insane? You WANT felons to carry firearms??? The answer to that is yes and no.

YES, I want felons like Rebecca to still be able to carry a firearms.


NO, I do not want repeat violent offenders to carry firearms. But 'what I want' and 'what a criminal is going to do' have no effect on each other. Nor does law effect "criminals". By definition criminals don't follow laws. And a criminal doesn't commit a crime with the intent of being caught, therefore it is to his benefit to carry whatever facilities that crime.

So, what is the solution? Get rid of all 'gun crimes' and provide tougher penalties for the 'real' crimes they do commit. And I'm NOT talking about taking away their cable TV in jail either!

I'm talking about citizen's standing up for their rights and not waiting for the courts to fail us again. If a felon/criminal/tyrant is directly threatening your life, stop him with hollow-points. If one is stealing your property, stop him with hollow-points, (yeah, it's even legal in places). Or sit back and wait for order to be restored by the police, the courts, or maybe the next law will finally work, (just don't hold your breath while waiting). And while you are doing that waiting, rant and rave how George Bush didn't do enough to protect you.

But there is no need to worry about Rebecca. We can all sleep better knowing this law will keep firearms out of HER possession.

Good Reads

I'm calling it, "Give away liberty, and keep me safe!"


And one on guns here.

Rovatec's "Bullite" laser training bullet is a microprocessor "intelligent" electro-optic device shaped like a standard ammunition cartridge. When activated by the firing pin, the device emits a laser point-of-impact pulse that can be visible for at least 12 yards during the daytime, in poor light, or indoors on a reflective target. It does not alter the physical attributes of any weapon or affect the owner's ability to draw and rapidly fire.


Plus, Bill St. Clair has moved here. Where he is currently discussing where in the Constitution the FEDERAL Government is given authority to regulate a product which never leaves your house. (The discussion is quite short, because it just isn't there). Go ahead 'Conservatives', betcha you can't find it either.

Makes One Wonder...

Tucked away in the basement of West Virginia's gold-domed Capitol, state officials say, an office was secretly transformed into a taxpayer-funded studio that may have been used to pirate DVD videos and music CDs.
The office contained hundreds of blank DVDs, CDs and jacket covers as well as numerous recorders for both mediums and more than one computer, according to a Jan. 5 memo written by state Chief Technology Officer Kyle Schafer.
"Specifically, one hard drive contained approximately 40 full-length motion videos," Schafer wrote. "Two other hard drives contained over 3,500 MP3 music files."
If citizens can't keep track of the happening directly under their noses, what vileness lurks in the basements in Washington DC?

Predictably, the response to which member of the elite did this is, "personnel regulations" don't allow them to tell us.

So, when a 3,500 marijuana plant growing operation is found in my basement, can I cite "personnel regulations", wait for the smoke to clear while finding a scapegoat, and the entire time continue my business of fencing stolen property upstairs?

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Not To Be Left Out

Not The Only One

PUT TEXT HERE: (nevermind, no text is needed for this post)

Link found at Smallest Minority. Rest of demotivational posters here.

Nation Building

If this is true:

61% of British Muslims want to live under Sharia law

How is Iraq, (with what I would think is a more traditionalistic Muslim population), ever going to be the "bastion of freedom in the middle east"? Under Sharia courts: Freedom of Religion, no way. Woman's Rights, hell no. Gay rights, over their dead bodies. Nativity scenes... lol.

'Sharia law' and 'freedom' can't be used in the same sentence nor even the same century. We should get back to destroying those who are a direct threat against us, and stop with the nation building. Whatever we leave behind will stabilize itself out quickly. But stop kidding yourself thinking it will be some kind of center of freedom in the middle east.

I got started on this line of thought last month upon hearing subjects in Iraq screaming, "We need security!" No, not freedom... security. It's a mindset thing. Only if we take over Iraq schools for an entire generation will we come close to changing this mindset, (if we send over our current public school teachers it would take longer still). Do you see the problem with nation building yet?

Stabilize it so genocide doesn't take place, (the simpliest method is to insure every family has an 'evil black assault rifle'). Then lets get the hell out of there. It will never become a vacation destination for gays no matter how hard we try.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Still Finished

I have gained back the weight I lost around this time last year, (and a little more). I actually started gaining the weight back around the time I lost the trial in Ellensburg. Can't say it bothered me much to lose, I was fairly certainly of winning on appeal... eventually.

And that appears to have happened. The judgement order was filed on the Dec. 14, 2005. But it actually doesn't have to be sent down to the lower district court for 60 days, (and can't be sent any sooner then 30 days). This is to give time for the City of Ellensburg to appeal, (if they would like). I've seen no evidence of an attempt on their part, but will probably find out one way or another when I file a civil suit for all moneys lost defending against their stupidity.

This is one reason I am glad I lost at trial. I risked little and was able to rid the City of Ellensburg of an unconstitutional law. And I will be able to say, I hopefully, I will be able to say I did it on their dime. A famous quote goes here. Something about, "if you don't fight when you CAN win, what makes you think you WILL fight when you can't?" Or something like that.

Now, there still remains the state version of a similiar law to deal with, but as I said, I am (still) finished. I will be moving out of state. The wife has been applying for other schools in which to finish her PhD. For gun rights, I am voting for Arizona, but schools in other states have also been applied to. But not California! It was quickly removed from the list. Sorry UCDavis, (not really).

Those citizens left in Washington State... Not much to do but follow after the major gun rights groups and give up defeating unconstitutional laws. Just keep screaming and bitching about enforcing the gun laws that ARE on the books and maybe, (BIG MAYBE), the nannys won't pass any MORE unconstitutional gun laws. I know, it would seem a good time to try to roll back some bad laws, especially when the majority mindset is changing in the direction of supporting gun rights. Nevermind me though, the NRA has a plan... (federalize it all???) Anyway, follow the leader. Step out of line and you will be, just that, out of line.

I will be attempting to republish the archives I moved offline during the heat of battle. Then turning this back into my blog, instead of someone else's idea of a gun blog.

On that note: I'm sad that we gave the bastards California. I would have enjoyed it. (Caution dial-up: many beatiful pictures from California).

Monday, January 09, 2006

Protecting the Children WITH Guns

Two recent articles on the topic.

First Vin covers the topic throwing in some wonderful gun laws in Nevada, for the children of course. HERE.

Then David relays the wonders of a gun safety lock that makes the gun instantly available in an emergency, (though when this gun magically appears, it remains UNloaded). HERE. "Please don't attack me yet, I need to load my gun first. Dammit, where's that key? Turn on the light, honey! OUCH! MY TOE! Hey, goblin, could you just pick up a large rock on your way in? Screw it, just beat me senseless and leave me for dead."

Bonus from David, HERE. (Wait, I taught the gun rights groups were for teaching about keeping children safe WITH guns! Are they STILL stuck on hunting?)

Talk Like A Pirate Day... Again???

No, really... it seems a favorite past time of uncivilized nations has returned: Piracy

In this latest attack, pirates in small, open boats attempted to attack and, presumably, board and capture, a Cruise Ship in the Indian Ocean off the shores of Somalia.

Violent Conservatives?

Are Conservatives violent?

We know it can't be true when we hear the loney left making the claim. But, as with many lying liars, there are some "truths".
Conservatives, I think, have a stronger flight/fight response than liberals. They are both more fearful and more aggressive.
I believe I first saw this thought at Kim's place, it was called, "violent, yet protective". Has the loney left stopped getting talking points from Rush and now head over to Kim's? lol

Anyway, no matter what the left thinks, the idea of violent, yet protective is a good one. We will do no one harm unless harm is brought upon us. At that point the arse-whooping will be deliveried, (count on it).

While this violence can get out of hand, the claim this basic attitude is wrong is laughable. A cougar is just as likely to attack a tree hugger whistling in the woods as a hunter, (trust me, I know). Ask Marion Barry about that one.

But the topic of violent conservatives, I did want to hit on farther, (my violent side again).

Are individual conservatives violent? No. But that wasn't exactly the question asked. Are conservatives as a whole violent? This answer requires more then just a one word answer.

Where the looney left might have a point of violent conservatives is when conservatives are overjoyed when suddenly in charge of a system which purposely brings violence against those who, like you, would just like to be left alone. Try the War on *some Drugs to start with.

Or look how this system insured a man in Montana couldn't peacefully keep a homemade fully automatic firearm in his own home. Just a man living his life, exercising the right to keep and bear arms, without harming you or anyone else. Yet, this conservative nation brought violence to this man. (Under the "commerce clause" no less. Story: here here here )

If I cut my home-defense shotgun too short, (which could make it a better home-defense tool), violence would be sent against me as well.

The Constitution is where I would think all conservatives would agree to base their core values in. Yet, through indirect actions all citizens, (that includes conservatives), have brought violence to the man in Montana, the grandma with cataracts, and me.

No, I don't believe we would get any less violence with the other party in charge. Likely it would only be directed someplace else. That certainly doesn't mean conservatives should be happy about being in charge of this violent beast. And that is what this machine is.

You see, the only power government has over citizens is the power of violence. Therefore, the only way to get less violence from our government is LESS government. While conservatives claim that idea in their very namesake, their votes continually add to the size of this government at a rate that gives liberals a run for their money.

Does this make conservatives violent? I still don't think so. But the conservative attitude, in large part, has changed from one of, "live and let live" to "as long as they aren't destroying in my neighborhood". That attitude doesn't necessarily make violence, but it certainly isn't stopping this violence either.

It would be wise of conservatives to make a stand against this beast before it rolls into our neighborhood. Yet, too many are so single-minded they only see one fear at a time, currently Islamic Jihads. Meanwhile, an even larger destroyer grows in the shadows.

This post came about after reading this.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Now This Is the Kind of Discretion Police Enjoy

In our justice system, police have been given the "discretion" on whether to issue a citation.

With the majority of "crimes" these days having no true victims, this discretion is routinely abused. Who is left to complain when an officer fails to do their job? Certainly not the "criminal." A job considered so important and dangerous that police routinely just let "crimes" slide after enough licks are applied.

The truly strange part is the number of folks that want police to have this discretion without seeing the obvious abuse of power which comes with it.

Baltimore Officers Charged in Rape Case
Three city police officers have been indicted on rape charges alleging that one officer had sex with a woman at a police station in exchange for her release and that the other two conspired to let it happen, the state's attorney's office said.

Consistent with her story the woman was never cited. The police claim they, "let the woman go if she agreed to go into the community to help gather drug-related information." And what of the horrible damage done to society with her initial "crime" of possession of marijuana??? A crime police believed so vile they were willing to assault and kidnapped her.

And like the other recent case posted below, this one once again required the FBI to step in to police the police. Policing their own fails again and leaves the citizen's of Baltimore footing the bill:
The officers were suspended with pay pending the outcome of the investigation.

Because I have never lived in one, I don't know what makes a police state, (Is that circular thinking?). But something is very telling about a society when even an innocent lawyer is afraid of police.

The Difference Is...

We see this and we think oppressed citizens living under a tyrannical government doing whatever it takes to destroy the oppressors.

We see this and the last thing we think is freedom fighter. (More of this story here.)

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Sultan, WA. Not My Home Town

But I sort of wish it was. Link:

"They shouldn’t be talking about that unless she's a health teacher," said one student.

Omak, WA. My Hometown

I didn't cover this story when it broke. I had other things going on last year... Namely a certain tyrant in Ellensburg taking away a year of my life with his retaliatory citation under a preempted, void and nullified law. Will see how that works out for you, prick!

Back to the case, which doesn't appear to have gotten much notice, from my hometown even, (slap my bad blogging): Deputies raid wrong home in Omak

The heavily armed officers, all wearing ski masks and camouflage clothing, used a battering ram to smash open the door to the trailer home, Gahimer said. With rifles and handguns drawn, they rushed inside.

They thought they were at space 7 at the Homestead Trailer Park, the residence of Joseph M. Parisien, 30. He was wanted on two warrants and is a suspect in a second-degree assault, Gahimer said.

Instead, they entered the trailer at space 9, occupied by four sleeping people: brothers Jose and Jesus Sanabria, Jesus Sanabria's wife, Adriana, and their 2-year-old child, Luis.

Gahimer said both men resisted law enforcement officers until they were handcuffed face down on their beds. Officers used a Taser gun to subdue one of them. They also caused a bloody nose, he said.

They resisted you... awww you poor little tyrant. You pricks should have all received an immediate death sentence, ventilated with lots of lead so to speak... (of course, not to kill you... only to "stop" you from committing this armed felony.)
"I feel bad for the people," the sheriff said. "We'll just make amends as best we can." The sheriff's office asked the owners of the trailer park to replace the broken door as soon as possible and send him the bill, he said.
Another common story of wrong address, luckily the homeowners weren't killed... as for the police, they deserved so much more. Yet they got off with awards for not killing the innocent family... well not exactly awards but I do remember it being mentioned locally... What restraint!
That article is before I even started blogging, Sept. 2003. Which gives us the pleasure now seeing the outcome of the case. Almost, Brothers sue over raid at wrong home near Omak

...two deputies were issued letters of reprimand for failing to use basic investigating skills and a sheriff's sergeant was given an oral reprimand for failing to make sure the Sanabrias got a new door immediately afterward.

What! No nasty "transfers" for the criminals hiding behind a badge? Crimes were committed that night against this family and society as a whole. Crimes of terror leaving ALL citizens wondering when it will be their turn. (Why did we take the "War on Terror" overseas when we have terror in our hometowns?)

As for the sheriff making amends? Nope, the county's lawsuit defense team/insurance company lawyers have yet to reach a settlement with this family.

Hmmmm... I wonder if the lack of coverage for this case is due to racism.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Officer sentenced for drug dealing

He must have squealed like a pig because he deserved far more then 21 months for what he was involved in, From Newsday:
Among those Gil took the witness stand against was former Detective Sylvestre Acosta, who was sentenced in May to 45 years in prison after being convicted at trial of violating the civil rights of drug suspects by using phony information to raid their houses and steal cash, jewelry and other items while planting evidence.
And our last sentence of the story is:
The charges arose out of an FBI corruption probe.
What? You mean internal affairs didn't respond to complaints from innocent framed citizens??? Whatever happened to policing their own?

Tyranical thugs protecting their own. What do you expect from police whose testimony is cited as gospel by the courts. Police are trained to fear all citizen/suspects and will freely cite that in court next time they murder another innocent. If our courts allow their behavior to continue, police will start to have some real reasons for this fear. A guardrail is currently more dangerous to police then citizens. They don't even make the list... yet.

With what police are "legally" allowed to do to citizens on a daily basis and then this crap, you have to wonder why we traded one tyrant a thousand miles away for a thousand tyrants less then a mile away, working right out of your city hall and police stations. No? Not in your town, you say? They only do that stuff to the "bad" guys, you say?

Read this again; "using phony information to raid their houses and steal cash, jewelry and other items while planting evidence." And this came out only after FBI stepped in. (Who is left to investigate the FBI?) With police a transfer would have been in order for simply stealing and planting evidence, (even unjustified shootings of a citizen are a "personal matter" leading to a... transfer).

You may draw your own line in the sand. For me, they have all failed to uphold their oath to the Constitutional, so I trust not one tyrant.