Fish Or Man

Friday, December 16, 2005

Unite The Clans

Maybe we can try something here.

Is there a gun friendly little town in Washington to hold an open carry parade? Not openly exposing yourself like the Gay and Animal Rights organizations put on, but openly displayed firearms. (Hey! You gotta go with what works.)

Gay rights group got tired of the status quo and started exposing themselves to the public and they have gained acceptence by leaps and bounds. Heck, even motorcyclists have Sturgis. Yet, gunowners have what... "news releases." Are we really that satisfied with the status quo?

Back to this little town; we could add thousands in sales to local businesses; the towns crime rate would drop to zero; and, we, as peaceful gun owners would make our existence known to the public.

Since the SAF is based in Washington State, I would call on them to help organize this event. I know of many towns in Eastern Washington that are dying for the cash.

If no towns were willing in Washington, can we at least get our own version of Sturgis in an actual gun-friendly state?

NRA??? SAF??? Your compromising and politics are no longer cutting it with the American gunowner. Or is all that money raised for press releases and future fund drives?

What say YOU? Are you happy with the status quo and that permission slip?

Personally, I would travel a thousand miles to carry without fear of prosecution.

(I need to stop now, or many quotes from the movie Braveheart will be spoken.)