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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Solved And Unsolved Murders

Armed Females of America links us to an FBI bulletin including surviving the myth: One Shot One Kill

Key point: (nah, I won't ruin it for you).

The entire bulletin is an informative read. Outside of the main points in the article, I found this bit of information rather enlightening:

"... Of the 665 persons charged with killing a law enforcement officer for this time period, only 9 remained fugitives. The majority (464) of these individuals were arrested and convicted of murder. The victim officers justifiably killed only 23 of their attackers. Other officers responding to the scene killed an additional 78 offenders. Sixty-two of the perpetrators committed suicide after killing the officer. ..."

So, that leaves 627 offenders dead or convicted of murder. That's 627 out of 665... 94% of those murders solved. 94%!

Meanwhile... in San Francisco:

" 74 of the 94 homicides recorded through Monday afternoon in 2005, no arrest has been made..."

That is only 21% of murders solved. And in San Francisco that rate probably dropped lower even before the story was published.


(I realize other factors are involved, time frame being a major one, but that leaves a very big gap to even bring those numbers close. From the article we see police blame the citizens of San Fran for this horrible percentage. )

National the solved murder rate for the year 2004 was 62.6%, having a steady decline since the late 70's. Was that around the time the War On *some Drugs picked up?

So, if you are fortunate enough to live outside of San Fran we have this for a solved muder rate:


GUN UP! They don't care even in your death, yet you count on them to protect your life?

With more on muder rates, head over to todays post from David Codrea at the War On Guns.

On a lighter note: Did you know that the state with the highest percentage of unsolved murders is actually Alabama? It makes sense when you think about it... the DNA is all the same! (sorry)