Fish Or Man

Monday, December 05, 2005

Oral Arguments Today

Very long three hour drive last night through snow, fog, ice, and more snow to get to Ellensburg for the Oral Arguments which happened this morning at 11 am.

I started with reserving 2 minutes for responding to the City of Ellensburg prosecutor. Then gave a quick run down on the state law having preemption on all firearms related issue, and the city law not being consistent with the state law. Finished with Sir Robert Peel's quote, Law Fails to Command Respect When It Is Arbitrary, and Enforced Capriciously.

Ellensburg prosecutor said her peace... "just because the exceptions aren't in the law doesn't mean the laws are inconsitent..." "The same core conduct is ruled illegal." Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

Prosecutor did claim the issue was about "the safety and general welfare of the public" so the law should get the complete benefit of the doubt on being constitutional.

I was able to respond to that in my reserved 2 minutes, with... "disarming the public has nothing to do with the safety of the population, it has to do with gun CONTROL." I even gave a short run-down on the recent Tacoma mall shooting and that sadly only one citizen with the ability to end that shooting quickly was present and that more armed citizens could have made a difference.

Judge Scott Sparks said he would review the case and issues more and make a ruling afterwards, (at which time I would receive his decision in the mail).

Anyway, when I know you will know.