Fish Or Man

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Let's Clear Something Up

Amazingly, I was referred to as a "bleeding heart liberal"? (bottom of page)

While I am against the violation of my rights by this current government, I am not naive enough to believe that different leadership would stop those violations, (nor even lessen the abuse of power). The 'people' have decided to allow government to grow at will. The courts have decided the Constitution should be a "living" document, (giving the people whatever they want). Voting to have someone else drive this steamroller into someone else's neighborhood is just as destructive.

I suppose I shouldn't take this person's comment seriously; he also said I was for nation wide CCW??? NO. NO. NO.

That would be the growth of government, (and centralized at that). That would be a liberal idea. Government should NEVER be allowed to decide how a person keeps or bears arms, ("shall not infringe"). Laws, which everyone knows are violating the RKBA, should be challenged at every usurpation. Yet, there are gun rights groups screaming we NEED "nation wide CCWs"??? What the hell are wrong with these people? Can they not see that that is GROWTH of government? (Or are they blinded by power, see below).

Why settle for the scraps from Longshank's table, when you're missing your God-given right to freedom?

Crap, here comes Braveheart again.

So, let's go to "The Lord of the Rings". Specifically, the Ring Bearer.

What effect does the ring have? It changes the person. It is power, twisting at your ego and greed. No matter how good the person was before the ring, they begin to enjoy that power. Will a Conceal Carry Weapon Permit holder be affected the same way the ring effected a hobbit? Of course not, we don't live in a fantasy world. But, no one wants to give up power! And the desire for more is in us all.

While I still believe we never lose the power of choice... Frodo was ultimately destroyed by that ring.