Fish Or Man

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Justices Tell Ladies To Get Armed

Offender won't be allowed to live with women.

Quite an odd sentence for drug charges? Although, this guy has a "long history of domestic violence". Why he hasn't already been punished for this "long history", we aren't told? Another source. Anyway:

When Brandenburg is released from prison in October, he will be banned from living with any woman for a year. He must notify women with whom he has social contact of his history of violence, and must tell his probation officer within 12 hours of meeting them."
How badly could he beat a woman in 12 hours? But, the quote from the appeals court finally made some sense:
"Enough ladies are getting armed these days that we are hoping that his next victim will just shoot him. Our justice system is a complete failure in dealing with domestic violence offenders. We only pray his next victim will be one of those armed ladies and be willing to do what we don't have the balls for."