Fish Or Man

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Here We Go Again

Joe commented on a sad news story from Ireland. "Defenseless household terrorized by criminals." There is much more to the story then that, but all in all, it remains a rather common news story from across the pond.

Then Dan from Ireland stopped by Joe's and commented on how gun control was going over wonderfully in his country.

Joe responded with the facts on gun control, (he is like that). Joe was absolutely right, yet, sadly those facts probably never made it in front of Dan's eyeballs.

Yosemite Sam even stopped by with a question for Dan from Ireland, (who is likely at one of his local pubs by now talking about those cowboys in the United States).

I also left the following comment, not for Dan, but for myself:

This is the problem we run into when we have the discussion on gun rights focused on the ability to defend against common criminals. With that limited focus, Dan is right, (or, with his version of the perfect society it could be right). "If only we had better law enforcement." "If only we would win the war on drugs." "If only the criminal would have been locked up sooner."

You said it yourself, Joe: "I'm all for improving the effectiveness of the police and the judiciary. And if that can be done to the point that owning defensive tools is irrelevant--wonderful. And in that case it would also be irrelevant if people possessed defensive tools."

This only leads Dan, using the very limited focus on common criminals, with the belief that guns COULD be irrelevant in his perfect society. So we now have gun control advocates fighting all the harder to create the impossibly perfect society, where guns are irrelevant. (And our "cold dead fingers" slogan really doesn't fit in with this perfect society.)

Therefore, any gun control discussion should never fail to leave out the real reason guns are necessary; GOVERNMENT becoming the criminal. It's not like history doesn't prove that it happens!

Governments always tend toward creating an elite class. That elite class continues to have the right to bear arms, while the "common man" is continually limited. The only way for the common man to remain with a fighting chance against the inevitable 'government becoming criminal' is to have that fight while the common man is still armed.

In that sense it is already too late for Dan and his country, (unless, his government's elite class is willing to give up power.. YEAH RIGHT!) So, Dan has two choices; get himself killed attempting to throw off the chains of his government, or; turn hell into paradise.

I will not judge Dan's decision of paradise, for one day, I may believe I am there as well.