Fish Or Man

Friday, December 16, 2005

Get To Know Your Elites

It can really pay off:

A Kentucky appeals court ruled Friday that Gov. Ernie Fletcher had the authority to issue a blanket pardon covering all employees who might be charged during a probe of his administration's hiring practices.

The three-member panel unanimously said that the grand jury convened by Kentucky's attorney general can still bring charges against those covered by the pardon, but the defendants can have the charges dismissed merely by asking.

A grand jury impaneled in June has indicted 13 current and former administration members and associates, mostly on charges that they illegally made hiring decisions based on political influence instead of merit.

And the funniest part... the prosecution declares this a victory:

The attorney general praised the ruling. "The rule of law requiring public disclosure of government corruption has been upheld, ..."

So, when the elites in our society commit crimes, the punishment THEY receive is WE are forced to hear about it??? Why do I feel the need to grab my ankles...