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Monday, December 12, 2005

Cory Maye, Self-Defense Or Prior Restraint

Radley Balko, at The Agitator, is running with another case of No-Knock warrants destroying lives. Like the last one I covered, this one has the wrong address, but this time leading to the death of a code enforcement officer, and now an innocent man who attempted to defend his family on death row.

Glenn Reynolds covers the case.

Publicola is linked to by Glenn. BitchGirls as well.

Billy Beck is on it.

Kim gives his two-cents, feeling the need to explain his support of No-Knock warrants, but only "in order to catch serious criminals" Kim calls them "serious criminals." I call them, *the wrong drug offenders. Don't worry Kim, government already tried and failed at taking your bottle.

But, the fact is, warrants can be issued over thousands of "crimes" peaceful citizens are unknowingly committing on a daily basis. These laws are arbitrary and enforced capriciously, turning these laws into a political tool of the elite. Now, whether a judge allows these warrants to be issued No-Knock style is only a question of whether the police ask for it, (the judge will side with the police every time on this one... you know, it's for "officer safety").

It is also extremely unlikely that police will warn you to turn yourself in before executing this No-Knock warrant. Even with the normal bench warrants, (like the type issued against me in the Ellensburg case), you will generally learn of this warrant during your next speeding ticket. Yet, when the No-Knock warrant is issued, you will be begging to go to jail with only your car towed. (If we also throw into the mix the secret warrants the Patriot Act calls for... you generally stand little chance of clearing your name before ending up on the next episode of C.O.P.S.)

So, with No-Knock warrants now common practice in all 50 states, does this become an act of self-defense, or the citizen's only method of prior restraint against a tyrannical government.

Yes, I have lost all compassion for tyrants, (just wait until one turns on you with the power of the state behind them and then tell me how I should feel.) The BEST they should ever be treated is with contempt.

One last thing, here is Cory Maye, the man Mississippi will soon be legally murdering, (at which point it will become ever more clear the "us verses them" police have been predicting has arrived.)