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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Belarus, Start Shipping Them Firearms NOW

President Alexander Lukashenko is working on becoming another dictator. There is, or course, nothing wrong with that in Belarus. They have a Constitution, "the right to vote," and, according to polls, the Belarusian people don't mind having a dictator. Of course they don't, via TIME;
Under a law passed in 1998, any word or action interpreted as an offense against the President can be punished by up to five years in jail.

And more recently the law passed calling for two years in prison for "discredit of the state." Just what that means is... who knows??? But you can be sure it gives more power to the state's KGB. Yes, they still use the term 'KGB' because it strikes more fear in their citizen's, (and you thought that fear was just from US government propaganda during the Cold War).

So, just today we learn that in the name of "public safety";
Belarusian lawmakers on Wednesday passed legislation that would crack down on Internet dating and online spouse searches in the latest of a series of stringent government controls backed by authoritarian President Alexander Lukashenko.
Via Forbes

That is to stop "human trafficking" of course. You know, like trying to get to the other side of the wall they have yet to build. Or better yet, 4000 people out of walls that have been built:

" the last decade, at least 4,000 citizens have been imprisoned on political charges."

And while President Alexander Lukashenko is just another tyrant, he does show more respect for their Constitution then our elected officials. He changed it, instead of just violating it, also from TIME;
"...the President rammed through a constitutional change allowing him unlimited terms in office. By next July, he intends to run for his third five-year term, in effect sealing his presidency for life -- this in a European country of some 10 million educated, skilled and remarkably law-abiding people."

10 million educated, skilled, law-abiding, and for the most part.... UNARMED! (It appears they are still allowed some access to whatever the state declares as, "hunting rifles." Although, you should not be surprised to learn that President Lukashenko has signed on to the United Nations Firearm Protocol.)

If you live in the United States of America, you can sleep good tonight knowing we have a respected Constitution that would never allow a dictator to take over a country. Well, we do have a Constitution, anyway!