Fish Or Man

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Antique Shotgun For Sale

Extreme rare beauty she is.

As for the shotgun, in gold lettering between the barrels says, "TH. KLAWITTER in HERZBERG." I am no expert, so I won't attempt to play the salesmen role. Web searches tell us "the Klawitters were a famous Herzberg family of gun makers. August Franz Theodor Klawitter (1824-1893) even became the Court Armourer to the Kings of Hanover."

this double barrel shotgun is currently hanging on the wall of a good friend of mine who desires the money over it's ornamental value. So if you are the type that would like this beauty hanging over your fireplace, send an email my way, ( Also more pictures are available, (of the shotgun that is).

I did find another of Klawitter's arms for sale here.